Car Driving on Mountain RoadShopping for car insurance is best done at the moment you realize you may be paying too much to cover your car. It never makes sense to pay more for insurance than you have to, so shopping for the best auto insurance prices can be done any time you believe you are paying too much. However, there are certain times that car insurance shopping is ideal. Here are some thoughts on shopping for car insurance to help those who want to maximize discounts and take advantage of big savings while getting the best coverage for their cars.

When you move
Moving is a good time to take stock of many aspects of your life. Most of us are familiar with how easy it is to discard items that have stayed in attics for years when faced with the prospect of moving them. It is also easy to discard old, outdated car insurance policies and start fresh with a new policy that meets your changing needs.

When you make a significant purchase such as a house, boat or additional vehicle

A good time to shop for low insurance prices is when you are reading to bundle your car insurance with other forms of coverage. Most companies offer significant discounts when you keep all of your insurance business with them, so if you buy a house, a boat, an RV, a motorcycle or another car, you can begin to shop for a new insurance policy that includes coverage for all of these items.

When you change jobs
Many auto insurance companies offer discounts for those who work for certain companies or in certain industries. If you get a job as a teacher, a nurse, or with a local or state government office you may qualify for a discount on your auto insurance simply because of the type of job you have. If you get a job with a new company, inquire about auto insurance discounts that may be available to employees.

When you get married or have children
Married car insurance rates are usually less than those for singles, and married couples with children have the lowest rates of all. If you get married or have a new baby, it is a good time to shop around to insure that you are getting the lowest price for your car insurance. Many companies are interested in having your business once you become a settled family member, so you may see significant savings in your auto insurance prices.

When you trade for a new vehicle
It is essential that you shop around when ensuring a new vehicle purchase. Your old insurance company may not offer the best prices but you will never realize this if you do not get competitive quotes. Whenever you buy a new vehicle and trade your old one in, you are required to update your insurance coverage, so this is a great time to shop for rates.

When you turn 26
Turning 26 is a big event in the insurance world because this is when companies stop considering you a “young” driver and move you into the “adult” classification. Your magic 26th birthday will usually result in a significant reduction in car insurance rates, so it is a good time for you to explore options. Of course, the new quotes will depend on your previous driving history, but if you have avoided accidents and tickets up to this point, it is likely that you will see a significant reduction in your insurance premiums the day after you turn 26.

When you divorce or your children move out
Divorce and “empty nest” syndrome are not pleasant times of life but the clouds can have a silver lining. Divorced singles and empty-nest couples may find that their insurance rates actually drop since they are not insuring multiple drivers. While there may be a slight difference in discounts for single males and single females, most divorced individuals find that they save money on their car insurance over insuring two vehicles. Empty-nest couples may actually save significant sums once their children are off the policies, especially if they have spent many years without a ticket or accident.

There really is not a “bad” time to shop for car insurance. However, certain life events are significant when it comes to saving money on auto insurance coverage, so it makes sense to target car insurance shopping during these times. You can compare car insurance rates and find the coverage and price that is right for your budget.