As of March 2012 Justin Bieber added another vehicle to his fleet of vehicles. For his 18th birthday the teen heartthrob received an all electric Fiskar Karma from his manager Scooter Braun and mentor Usher. He received the gift while appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Even prior to this most recent gift Bieber didn’t mess with the used pickups and dented old hatchbacks that most teenagers tool around in. Instead, Justin zoomed into his driving days with the ultimate in speed and style. Reports from 2010 say that Bieber was the proud driver of at least three different vehicles, two of which have a starting price of $200,000. Justin must be a bit of a speed demon, because those are the Ferrari F430 and the Lamborghini Gallardo. Bieber was no less elite with his all-terrain choice, a Range Rover SUV.

About the Fiskar Karma

The first all electric luxury car, the 2012 Fisker Karma is truly elite with its $100,000 plus price tag. Nothing in the muscular appearance of this sleek roadster indicates that it is powered by a combination of electric and solar power. Yet, the solar sunroof provides energy for an additional 200,000 driving miles per year. Everything in the car, from its low voltage LED lights to interior components, are as environmentally friendly as a sports car can be.

As “the Beeb” races from teenage fans he can transform the engine from the fully electric stealth mode into the fuel assisted sports mode. No doubt he’ll use the state of the art touch screen control station as he relaxes into the humanely sourced leather seats. The Fiskar is definitely a high performance and eco-friendly vehicle. It gets 403 horsepower and can achieve 100 miles per gallon.

Ferrari F430

At the age of 15, before he was even old enough to legally drive on his own, Justin Bieber was spotted tooling around Miami Beach in a Ferrari F430, according to the Celebuzz website. Manufactured by Maranello, the Ferrari name reeks of class and money. Most people won’t be surprised that almost every car review says the car’s overall performance is amazing!

The exclusive Ferrari sports cars remained at the top of the market due to lack of competition for many years. When cars that could match its amazing abilities came into play, Ferrari had to rise to the challenge. Bieber’s Ferrari F430 was the answer to that challenge.

Sleek styling is another factor in the Ferrari’s allure, as is a V8 engine that Edmunds says actually shrieks when you gun it. Top of the line suspension and steering helps ensure this vehicle remains stable and smooth on the road.

Lamborghini Gallardo

When he did turn 16, Bieber enjoyed his new status in a Lamborghini Gallardo, according to the MailOnline website. The car was a birthday gift from its former owner Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, a rapper and music producer who has known Bieber for some time.

Speed is the top feature of Lamborghinis with the styling and performance to match. Lamborghini’s bestselling Gallardo offers include a powerful V10 engine and a number of features that keep the car light and nimble, including side and rear windows made of polycarbonate and a body and interior feature from carbon fiber components. Rather than heavyweight steel around the car’s exterior, only the doors are made of steel.

The remainder of the exterior is made from thermoplastic-formed panels. A blend of alloys keeps the chassis lightweight. Even the wheels won’t bog you down with their 19 inch design. This car can truly fly- the standard model Gallardo kicks out 552 horsepower and the advanced model kicks out 562 horsepower.

Range Rover

Keeping with teenage boy standards, Bieber’s Range Rover is fast and powerful. The standard Range Rover model gets 375 horsepower and the Supercharged model gets 501 horsepower. Both have a V8 5.0 liter engine.

The Range Rover earns luxury status in part by its smooth and comfortable ride. Originally owned and engineered by BMW, the Range Rover uses a body construction that allows for optimum suspension and an exquisite glide over pavement without losing its grip. Electronic stability control and traction control add to its supreme handling over all types of terrain.

Impressive touches that further help a Range Rover earn its luxury reputation include inlays made of walnut, soft leather seats accented with contrasting piping and an advanced navigation system. Edmunds does have an issue with this luxurious and expensive vehicle’s unreliability. Range Rovers are known for breaking down or at least a consistent slate of issues. A 2012 Range Rover SUV starts around $80,000.

Are Justin’s Cars Safe?

Teen driver safety is generally a high concern amongst parents and car insurance companies. Not all of Bieber’s vehicles are reviewed on the government’s SaferCar website. The Lamborghini Gallardo does not show up at all, and the Ferrari 430 only receives two brief mentions.

The Ferrari 430 is noted for having Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and Brake Transmission Shift Interlock (BTSI). This technology works as a safeguard to stop people from putting the car into gear unintentionally. The driver must keep his foot on the brake before the vehicle can shift out of park. The Range Rover is noted for featuring BTSI and for having side air bags. But hey, if you can afford either of these at 16 you’re not doing too bad!