Western National Car Insurance Company began in 1900 with a mission to help these businesses in the event that a fire should destroy their building or equipment. Fifty years later, they expanded to include automobile and homeowners insurance to a wide range of clients, using independent agents to extend their reach into various communities.

The company changed its official name to Western National in 1970 and now serves states in the Southwestern, Northwestern, and Midwestern parts of America, making it a super-regional provider. They serve the states of Washington, Iowa, North and South Dakota, Utah, Colorado, Wisconsin, Illinois, Oregon and Minnesota.

Insurance Coverage offered by Western National

For customers who choose Western National Car Insurance Company, they offer their exclusive No Surcharge Promise, which is a guarantee that they will not increase your rate as a result of accidents, ever. This has been a highlight they have consistently featured since the company began offering car insurance.

Although each state has different levels and conditions for minimum coverage, Western National provides a wide-ranging list of options to choose from, including bodily injury and property damage liability and towing and labor protection. In addition, you can get special assistance as an under insured driver and rental reimbursement. No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, from ATVs to boats, Western National has you covered.

For businesses, Western National supplies insurance products to cover your company in a variety of situations. Along with commercial vehicle coverage, you can also select a Business Owners or Commercial Package Policy. They also provide additional coverage such as Employment Practices Liability to help you in the event of an employee lawsuit and Equipment Breakdown Insurance to cover gaps from injuries, which might occur due to equipment malfunction.

In addition to car and business insurance, Western National offers surety bonds and umbrella coverage, which can give more liability coverage for cases of devastating loss. Nevertheless, they have not forgotten their roots, as they still provide quality fire and building insurance.

Unique Western National Programs

Every company says they are better, that is the nature of business. Nevertheless, Western National Car has several programs, which go above and beyond what you might expect from your car insurance company.

For example, you can take advantage of their HELP program for Highway Emergency Loss Protection. This service can be priceless if you are ever stranded while traveling, either across town or on vacation. The program provides lock out assistance, towing services and even reimbursements for hotels and meals if it became necessary for you to stay overnight while waiting to have your automobile repaired.

Western National also has an invaluable Supplemental Child Care Endorsement program. It provides funds if you are unable to work due to childcare or illness issues. With this plan, you can be reimbursed, up to $60 a day, for any days or income you miss while you are attending to a sick child. It may not equal your actual pay, but it certainly helps cover the gap.

Disadvantages of Western National Car Insurance

One criticism about Western National is the lack of opportunities for online quotes. In order to receive figures to compare with other companies, you have to go through one of their insurance agents. This can be inconvenient for anyone who has become accustomed to conducting a variety of business matters online.

In addition, since they are not available nationwide, Western National Car Insurance Company may not be obtainable in your area. There are many instances in which this could become problematic, such as if you start out with this company in one of the 10 states on the list and then move to a state where Western National does not operate.

It could also be troublesome if you use have your car insurance with this company and have a change in your family situation, such as a child who decides to attend college in another state that is not served by Western National. You might be stuck having to use two different car insurance companies to meet your needs.

Overall, when weighing options for car insurance, it is wise to have a complete picture in order to make a more informed decision. It is also helpful to ask for honest critiques from friends, family, and neighbors.

Financial Rating

The insurance rating agency A.M. Best has given Western National Car Insurance Company an A rating for financial stability. Among its other honors, the Ward Group named Western National in the list of 50 Benchmark Groups that represent the best property and casualty insurance providers in the country. The company is also known for the experience level of their agents and employees, which average more than 15 years in the business.