Service men and women have represented the United States with distinction and honor since our country was founded. The USAA Car Insurance Company works to ensure that dedication is rewarded with programs uniquely designed for them and their families.

The USAA Car Insurance Company was established in Texas by a group of 25 United States Army members in 1922. They were not able to obtain regular insurance so they made a promise to insure each other’s cars. Over the years, this concept expanded to what is now the USAA Car Insurance Company.

For car insurance, USAA is only open to military service people and their families. Therefore, if you do not qualify, you cannot even get a quote.

The Special Mission of USAA Car Insurance

With the motto “Service to the Services,” USAA Insurance is open to active and retired soldiers, their families, and associates. In the 1960s, they added “Once a member, always a member” to their credo, reflecting their continued commitment to those who retired or were no longer on active duty. Today, more than 60% of eligible military personnel and their families have already chosen USAA Car Insurance Company.

Eligibility for USAA Car Insurance is restricted to those who have served with honor in the United States armed forces and their families. There are various categories within that list with different membership levels. It is broken down into active service members, spouses of active members, veterans, widows, or former spouses of USAA members, children of USAA members past and present, and former USAA members. For these groups, most of the products offered by USAA are available, with certain stipulations for family members.

Armed forces members benefit from choosing USAA Car Insurance because the company accommodates their unique circumstances, such as multi-state issues. There are discounts for automobiles, which are primarily garaged on a military base and payment plans arranged according to the military pay timetable. They also have a guaranteed renewal policy and allow members to handle many car insurance details electronically, which is ideal for active duty soldiers who are unable to come to an office. USAA is licensed in every state, in addition to several areas outside the United States.

Nevertheless, they do have numerous products for which anyone can apply. A majority of USAA’s financial choices are open to the non-military population, as well as life insurance and special discounts. The auto and property insurance programs are only open to the public in New Hampshire and North Carolina.

In addition to car insurance, the company has swelled to also offer life and home insurance. USAA also offers service people and their families a special credit card, backed by American Express, through which they can earn points, cash back, and other perks.

You have probably seen the USAA Car Insurance Company’s very powerful television commercials featuring real soldiers and their families. They serve as a strong reminder of the sacrifices made by these brave men and women, as well as the toll military service can take on the family members at home.

USAA Financial Ratings

Forrester Research ranks USAA Car Insurance Company in the highest category. It has also received an A+ and other top scores from all five ranking agencies including A.M. Best, Standard and Poor’s, and Moody’s.

USAA Caters to Many Needs for Military Families

The company has many products, which could allow them to become a one-stop-shop for the financial needs of military personnel. USAA understands that there are many issues that are exclusive to service people and they offer assistance by answering questions and providing specific advice in many areas as they relate to military families.

They offer assistance with taxes, as this can be a confusing task for service personnel. For example, there are things that military families can write off their taxes, which are not the same for civilian families, such as tax freedom for anyone serving in a combat zone. The money saved from this deduction can be used differently as well, including in an individual retirement account that they can draw on in the future.

Active duty members have a variety of perks in filing their taxes, which could be viewed as recognition and gratitude for the crucial service they are providing for the country. It is important that they are aware of all the options available to their families, such as deadline extensions up to six months for those serving in dangerous conditions and remote filing for spouses who cannot obtain the signature of a husband or wife stationed elsewhere. USAA also offers tips on getting deductions for everything from uniforms to frequent moving expenses. They can also explain how to get this all free.

USAA also grants access to their numerous community resources for military spouses and veterans. These forums consists of information and discussions while allow military families to connect with and help one another.