Unitrin Direct is a regional insurance company providing automobile and homeowner’s insurance. As its name suggests, Unitrin focuses on selling insurance policies directly to the consumer, rather than through a network of independent agents.

If you live in a state serviced by Unitrin Direct, you may want to consider this company for your car insurance needs. Unitrin Direct prides itself on exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, and policies backed by financial stability.

About Unitrin Direct Insurance

Unitrin Direct is a young company, having been founded in 2000. Despite having been in business for only a short time, Unitrin rapidly acquired other companies to expand its business operations. In 2011, Unitrin consolidated these companies under the umbrella of parent company Kemper.

Headquartered in Chicago, the company currently serves auto insurance customers in 25 states ranging from California to New York. The company has been rapidly expanding its reach and market share in recent years, and may soon be offering its services in even more U.S. states.

Auto Insurance Policies from Unitrin Direct

Unitrin Direct offers several different types of car insurance policies with a focus on unique features and price. The company’s main products include collision, liability and comprehensive car insurance. An insurance plan from Unitrin Direct can be customized based on the level of coverage desired and the specific features needed by the customer.

Unitrin Direct also offers special plans designed for certain segments of the population. Unitrin has a popular branch of business called Teachers.com. This portion of Unitrin Direct’s business is focused on offering special insurance plans for active and retired teachers and professors. Educators receive a special discount from Unitrin by purchasing their automobile insurance through Teachers.com.

Unitrin Direct also offers an innovative insurance product aimed at winning market share in the popular 18-25 year old demographic. Called iMingle, this product allows consumers to receive car insurance discounts by grouping their policies with those of their friends.

By joining together to purchase auto insurance at a group rate, the individual consumers are able to realize a discount on their policies. In addition, iMingle offers a range of features and tools geared towards a younger customer base. These include an easy technological interface so users can view and manage their policy via web or Smartphone.

Important Facts and Statistics about Unitrin Direct

Unitrin Direct is currently only operating in about 25 states. These states are not consolidated in a single region; rather, they are quite spread out across the United States.

Unitrin Direct also has alliances and partnerships with other small, direct auto insurance companies. If a customer contacts Unitrin Direct to request a quote and they do not live in a state where Unitrin operates, the customer may be referred to one of these partner companies.

As its name suggests, Unitrin Direct follows a direct model of insurance sales. This means that the company does not utilize a network of independent agents to sell its insurance products. Instead, customers receive a quote or purchase a policy by contacting Unitrin directly, either via the website or on the phone.

Potential customers of Unitrin Direct will be pleased to learn that Unitrin has been rated a strong and financially secure company. Kemper Corporation, the parent company of Unitrin Direct, has over 6 million policyholders and over $8 billion in assets. The firm recently received a rating of A-, which corresponds to excellent, as a measure of financial strength and stability from A. M. Best Company.

Feedback and Consumer Reviews about Unitrin Direct Auto Insurance

Unitrin Direct is not rated by J. D. Power and Associates, the authority in providing unbiased consumer reviews for insurance providers. However, Unitrin’s parent company, Kemper, was reviewed by J. D. Power.

In 2011, Kemper received a rating of three out of a possible five stars in Overall Satisfaction from J. D. Power and Associates. This translates to “about average,” according to the consumer review panel scoring legend. Kemper also received three stars in the categories of billings and payment, contacting the insurer, and pricing. However, the company received only two stars for policy offerings.

This feedback is echoed by popular consumer sentiments. For the most part, Kemper and Unitrin receive high marks, especially for their competitive pricing and for the ease of contacting and working with their customer service department. Consumers were also generally happy with the speed with which their claims were handled and the overall resolution of a claim.