Choosing the right car for you and your family is a very important decision so if you have been looking at minivans, you might be wondering how much is car insurance for a Toyota Sienna. Several individual factors will determine how high your car insurance payments will be, such as your age, so it is wise to comparison shop to make sure you get the best rate. The national average premium for a Toyota Sienna is approximately $1,000, assuming you are a good driver and live in a safe area.

When you make up your mind that it is time for a different car, many aspects determine the actual cost to drive that automobile. In addition to how much it takes to insure it, you should also consider things such as fuel mileage statistics and possible car payments.

What are the pros and cons of driving a Toyota Sienna versus a regular car?

Some people say they will never drive a minivan. These vehicles have gained a reputation as being only for soccer moms or henpecked husbands. However, today’s minivans are stylish, versatile and have more driving power than ever.

It might also help you to know that car insurance rates tend to be slightly less expensive for those who own a Toyota Sienna or other minivan. As a whole, minivans have a higher safety rating than other types of vehicles. Since car insurance companies use the safety of your vehicle as one factor when determining your rate and minivans often have safety features such as airbags in their standard equipment, this makes it easier to obtain a lower insurance premium.

Age of the driver is another issue in car insurance calculations. Those who drive minivans are typically older than 25 with steady income and other factors that make them safer drivers overall, which is an additional reason why they are less expensive to insure.

In addition, the Toyota Sienna is not just for families anymore. If you look at the vehicles around you as you drive, you may notice more businesses opting for minivans instead of small trucks or limousines. They are also helpful for organizations, schools, and sports teams. You can also use them to carpool, whether its adults or children, due to its roominess.

Car insurance companies look at the potential for theft as well, which is an important aspect in deciding rates and minivans fall very low on that list. In addition, minivans are most likely going to be used in areas that are considered safe, such as suburbs with garages and around schools.

Automobile magazines have rated the Toyota Sienna very highly in terms of resale value, cost of ownership and comfort. Its size and ease to drive are also favored by a variety of drivers.

What are some of the benefits of a Toyota Sienna?

As minivans go, a Toyota Sienna could be a good choice for big families or anyone who regularly transports a group of kids or adults. It can comfortably seat seven passengers plus a driver and has sliding doors on both sides for easy entry and exit. In addition, it boasts projector beam halogen headlights and front and rear de-icing mechanisms.

A new Toyota Sienna typically costs between $25,000 and $40,000 and you can anticipate approximately 20 miles per gallon of gas. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, it was a leader in safety category for 2011. The Sienna has seven airbags, including one located near the knees of the driver. It is the only top minivan that offers all-wheel drive and a four-cylinder engine.

Many families recommend this vehicle because it has a special camera that helps you see what’s behind you when backing up as well as more outlets for electronic devices. It is also said to have plenty of extra space for head and hip room in addition to ample cargo areas. People also like the ability to easily arrange the seats for more legroom or to carry equipment.

Is it always better to buy new instead of pre-owned?

Depending on your circumstances and lifestyle, there are many reasons why you would select a new car or a used car. Some people enjoy the luxury of owning something brand new that can be customized to their specifications. Others believe it makes more sense economically to purchase a pre-owned car in good condition and are willing to trade the new car feeling for extra money in their pockets.

When you buy a new car, its value decreases the moment you drive away. This means that if you ever decide to sell or trade it, you will probably get less than half of the original price. For a used car, the cost of ownership is lower due to not having to pay a sales tax and reduced fees and insurance.

No matter which option you choose, deciding on a Toyota Sienna can affect your insurance rate through its new vehicle safety features or used car price. Only you can determine the best selection for you and your unique circumstances.