The Shelter Car Insurance Company is one part of Shelter Insurance Companies, which also includes a life insurance and reinsurance company, as well as a Financial Bank. Shelter started in Missouri in 1946 and now offers insurance in 14 states across the country.

The mission of Shelter Insurance is to provide insurance protection to businesses and individuals, providing services that are easy to use, a quality environment, great customer service, and a commitment to constantly improve.

History of Shelter Car Insurance

Shelter Insurance started as MFA (Missouri Farmers Association) Mutual Insurance Company in 1946. It was originally formed to assist farmers with reasonably priced insurance protection. The name Shelter was born in 1981 when the company decided to form its own identity separate from the Missouri Farmers Association.

In 1986 Shelter became an international company by forming Shelter Reinsurance. In 2008, Shelter Property and Casualty was named by the Ward Group as a top 50 insurance company in the United States.

Shelter Car Insurance Coverage Options

Almost every state requires drivers to carry some type of car insurance. It varies from state to state in regards to the type of insurance and the minimum limits. Shelter Insurance Company can help you meet your state’s requirements as well as cover other wants insurance-wise.

Every state requires some type of liability coverage. Shelter Insurance offers liability coverage for both property damage and bodily injury and additional policy limits well beyond the state’s requirements. If you can afford it, it is usually a good idea to purchase optional coverage. If you are in doubt you should speak with a Shelter Insurance agent.

Collision insurance will help cover your expenses if you have damage to your own vehicle. This coverage is available whether or not the accident was your fault. There are times when you have damage to your vehicle that is not caused by a collision of some kind. This is where comprehensive coverage comes into play.

Comprehensive insurance is used to cover damages caused by falling objects, hail damage, theft, flood, and fire. Glass repair is also covered under your comprehensive policy. This is normally covered after your deductible is met. However, if you just have a small chip, Shelter will pay for the repair and not charge you the deductible.

To help you pay for medical expenses for your own injuries, medical payments coverage is available. For an extended plan to medical payments coverage, you can choose personal injury protection. This not only helps with medical costs but other expenses related to your injuries, which may include day care, loss of income, and other costs.

To help protect you from accidents with drivers who do not have any or enough car insurance coverage, you can choose uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. This is available for both property damage and bodily injury.

Other optional plans are emergency road service, rental reimbursement, disability income, accidental death, loss of use, and gap insurance. Although these might be extras that you choose not to spend money on, they can provide ease and convenience.

Shelter Car Insurance Advertisements

Shelter Car Insurance has used both radio and television to advertise their insurance products. The ads have been unique with a touch of humor to help them be memorable. One of the TV ads, titled ‘Tree Branch’ showed a couple who discovered a big tree had fallen on their car, splitting it in the middle.

Another ad was titled ‘First Love’. It showed a teenage boy washing and vacuuming his car before picking up a date. When the date came to the car he asked her to take her shoes off before getting in the car. It is these types of ads that Shelter has used to show the value of its car insurance products, all while referring back to the slogan of ‘we’re your shield, we’re your shelter.’

Financial Rating of Shelter Car Insurance

Shelter Insurance has consistently received high ratings from insurance rating companies such as A. M. Best. Their current rating is A, which stands for excellent. Their outlook is stable which means that the chances of the rating being downgraded are slim.