Progressive Car Insurance Company has their main headquarters in Mayfield Village, Ohio and currently employs over 25,000 people in over 450 offices nationwide. When Joseph Lewis and Jack Green established Progressive Mutual Insurance Company in 1937, their main purpose was to provide insurance with secure coverage and adequate protection, at an affordable rate.

They began offering insurance from their first drive-in claims office and continued to service local customers from this location until 1951, when they opened their first office in Cleveland, Ohio. Unfortunately, four short years later, Joseph Lewis died. This left the door open for his son, Peter to take the reins. Peter wanted to expand Progressive to include ways to stand out from the competition.

In 1956, Progressive Casualty Company became an extension of the Progressive Mutual Insurance Company and the first automobile insurance policy was written. Originally, their main consumer-base was high-risk drivers. By 1960, The Progressive Corporation was formed and became a public company in 1971.

Over the next 20 years, Progressive Car Insurance Company increased revenue steadily. By 1987, they exceeded the $1 billion mark in automobile premium sales. During the 1990s, Progressive Car Insurance Company set many industry standards, including, Immediate Response Claims, which provided their members with 24-hour assistance and support.

Today, Progressive is recognized as a pioneer in the automotive insurance industry. They focus on providing an excellent overall experience for their members and continue to invent new ways to reach higher levels. In 2003, they launched the Concierge Level of Claims Service. This special feature allows customers to drop their cars at a claims center and return when the repairs are done.

What Progressive Car Insurance has to offer?

Progressive Car Insurance Company has a multitude of options available. In addition to the standard or more conventional coverage options, they also provide special features. One of the most different is the pet injury coverage. If your pet is injured because of an accident or collision, you can receive as much as $1000 for vet bills or medical procedures.

Progressive Car Insurance Company also offers coverage for vehicles that have been modified or have equipment, devices or other accessories attached. This includes interior and exterior upgrades, from electronics to tires and anti-theft equipment. You can purchase their Custom Parts and Equipment Accessory coverage for anywhere between $1,000 to $5,000.

Progressive Car Insurance Discounts

Progressive Car Insurance is well known for their discounts. They have the traditional discounts, like multi-car and student driver, but they also have some specialized discounts only available to policyholders.

One discount in particular, called the Snapshot discount can save you up to 30%. Sign up and in a few days, a small plug-in device arrives in the mail; plug into your vehicle and drive as normal for 30 days. The device allows a team at Progressive to monitor your driving habits. Your discount begins on the 31st day. After six months has passed, Progressive will have enough data and will request that you send the device back. You will continue to receive your discount with Progressive until you cancel your policy. The discount is transferable to other vehicles so you don’t have to complete the process again when you purchase a new car.

Progressive’s Name Your Price guarantee is world-famous and incredibly simple. Progressive guarantees the lowest offer for automobile insurance; complete your research and bring your expected rate to Progressive. They will match your offer or advise who’s rate is better than theirs.

Progressive Car Insurance Ads

Progressive is famous for their television advertising campaigns, dating back to 2008 when they first introduced Flo, a quirky, super-friendly insurance representative whose main audience is people who are looking to switch from their current insurance provider. They may be unhappy with their price, customer service, or options.

To date, Flo has appeared in 53 television commercials and countless radio spots. She has a huge fan-base on the Internet and social media outlets, like Twitter and Facebook; this helps to keep the name Progressive current with all age groups. In early 2011, Progressive capitalized on Flo’s popularity and created a new character, named Kitty.

Progressive also introduced a new male character during the latter part of 2010, named The Messenger. This character is more of a drifter-type who, unlike Flo, roams from place to place, bringing awareness to consumers who are not looking to switch insurance providers. Since statistics show over 72% of Americans are satisfied with their level of automobile insurance, this is a challenging task.

Progressive Car Insurance Company still utilizes flyers and direct mail techniques to acquire new customers, but employing other methods have resulted in approximately 90% fewer mail offers from previous years.

Progressive Awards and Recognition

Progressive Car Insurance Company has led the industry in awards since 2000, when Forbes Magazine recognized them as having the best website in the automotive industry. That same year, they were also honored by Price Waterhouse Coopers, giving them the Better Web Seal of Approval.

In 2001, Progressive Car Insurance Company moved from number 286 to number 277 on Fortune’s Top 500. From 2001 to 2008, they continued to rise in the ranks. Progressive Car Insurance Company received a total of 16 prestigious awards and honors for excellence in customer service, competitive service, and business technology between 2009 and 2010.