Robert J. Handy founded the PEMCO Car Insurance Company in 1949. Based in Seattle, Washington, PEMCO Car Insurance Company was created to provide coverage for teachers in Washington State. Over the years, they began to write car insurance policies for other residents of Washington and as a result, the company grew more than 35% between 1984 and 1998.

As of 1999, PEMCO Car Insurance Company had over 1,100 employees working within the automobile insurance sector as agents, brokers, and customer service representatives. They had also reported earnings just short of $1 billion dollars.

Today, the PEMCO Car Insurance Company specializes in providing standard and non-standard automobile insurance to local consumers. To date, they have over 500,000 customers in the Washington and Oregon areas.

Under new leadership, PEMCO now ranks among the highest in the state in the area of local automobile insurance. While their service area is still limited, as of July 2011, they started offering insurance in Oregon.

Insurance Coverage from PEMCO

In addition to standard auto insurance, PEMCO also provides coverage for classic cars or antique vehicles with low mileage. Cars used for pleasure driving or exhibits, car shows or auctions generally fit into this category. They also insure travel trailers, and high-performance vehicles with modifications and high-test sports cars.

Northwest residents, especially on the coast, need insurance to cover more than automobiles; they also own boats, yachts, and jet skis and PEMCO has insurance options for each. Their variety of selections can give you the opportunity to obtain automobile insurance coverage and any other motor driven vehicle as well.

PEMCO Car Insurance Company does have one very special option; they offer an Away at School Discount. This applies to all members who have children who live away from home during the school months. The minimum distance required to qualify for this discount is 75 miles and it applies to all children under the age of 21 who do not own a vehicle.

Marketing and Communication Strategies

PEMCO Car Insurance Company is familiar with all levels of marketing and use television commercials, Internet campaigns, billboards and other methods to reach their specific demographic. They launched their first television campaign, Rewarding Strategy with the focus of personal responsibility in 2002. They capitalized on the popularity of this message by placing the ad on the Internet one month later. Over the next few years, PEMCO continued to introduce quirky characters to their local television audience.

In September 2007, the “We’re a Lot Like You. A Little Different” campaign launched. This time, they celebrated the unique values of residents in the Northwest, appealing to their sentimental side. The new commercials differed from the others because for the first time, they would appear on a national platform. Channels like F/X, Bravo, and the Discovery Channel all ran this ad for an entire week in November.

For the next five years, PEMCO Car Insurance Company continued to develop their clever marketing strategies and as of February 2012, they have over 86 separate character-driven ads that feature locals and regionally based profiles geared specifically towards consumer protection through acquiring car insurance.

PEMCO Company Statistics

Although PEMCO Car Insurance is smaller, they have three sales offices in the surrounding areas and one main claims office where you can take care of important transactions in person. Since 1999, they have added an additional 450 employees bringing their total to 1,550. The steady increase is attributed to employee referral with more than 13% of new employees that were recommended by current PEMCO employees.

PEMCO Awards and Achievements

PEMCO Car Insurance Company is consistently receiving recognition for their outstanding customer service. Their dedication to meeting the needs of their policyholders is the backbone of their philosophy. Their sound financial structure also allows them to increase their financial portfolio, although their services are not offered nationally.

A.M. Best

A.M. Best is the most respected financial credit rating company. They place their emphasis on how well a company is performing and their ability to meet their financial obligations. A score of a B or higher is considered good. As of December 2011, A.M. Best scored PEMCO Car Insurance Company excellent, with a grade of an A.

J.D. Power

In 2006, J.D. Power awarded PEMCO Car Insurance Company for excellence in customer service twice, once in February and again in December. They scored 911 points out of a possible 1,000. Incredibly, 90% of those surveyed rated PEMCO highest in seven separate factors, including courtesy, knowledge, concern, usefulness, convenience, ease, and timely resolution. They now use this information as a benchmark for future growth.

GMA Research

GMA Research is an independent company that has been servicing the Pacific Northwest for over 40 years. They are the most established survey research group and guarantee their results as accurate and non-biased. In 2002 and 2003, they awarded PEMCO Insurance Company as the best auto insurance company over both Allstate and State Farm.