The National Motor Club of America is a trustworthy partnering company that operates with competence at the lowest possible price. Founded in 1956, the National Motor Club of America, Inc. is the largest motor club that is independently owned in North America. Based in Irving, Texas, the National Motor Club assists its members, who are spread across the United States and Canada with emergency roadside assistance and other travel-related matters.

The privately owned company has created a niche for itself in the United States travel sector by providing a range of insurance services for families. The National Motor Club provides extremely affordable travel insurance plans that have recently been expanded to include insurance services for recreational vehicles, coaches, and trucks.

The National Motor Club operates differently from most other car insurance companies. It is managed by a leadership team in Texas, who recruit rigorously tested independent sales partners from all over North America. These partners are stringently trained to follow the high standards set by the corporate philosophy of “Live Life Unlimited” as they assist the members of the National Motor Club.

Travel Insurance Plans Offered by the National Motor Club

The National Motor Club plans’ strongest selling factor is their affordability. The company offers four membership levels under its Emergency Security Plus program that start from $9 per month, and go up to $18 per month.

The Platinum (Basic) plan costs $9 per month and the Platinum Plus plan costs $14 per month and both are available in all states except California. The Diamond Plus plan costs $18 per month and is not available in Arizona, California, New Mexico, Nevada, Tennessee, Wyoming, Texas, New York, Utah or Wisconsin. The Emerald Plus plan costs $18 per month and is available in New York, Tennessee, and Texas.

While the terms and availability vary depending on location, each level includes almost all the basic travel coverage possible. These include but are not limited to services such as emergency roadside services, emergency travel assistance, trip reservations, stolen vehicle award of $5,000, legal fees coverage and an accidental death benefit of up to $10,000. Medical benefits such as emergency hospitalization, daily hospital allowance of up to $150, medical discounts among others are also offered. The plans do have limited personal accident coverage, which varies depending on the state.

One of the National Motor Club’s extremely popular brands is called Coach-Net. It is RV technical and roadside assistance that covers trailers, recreational vehicles, as well as medium and heavy-duty trucks, has been purchased by 70% of all RV owners.

With two levels of services, National Motor Club members can opt for either Coach-Net Gold at $109.50 per year or at a reduced rate of $298.50 for three years; or for Coach-Net Platinum at $129.50 per year or at $358.50 for three years. Coach-Net services include all coverage on your RV as well as all other personal vehicles, including motorcycles. According to the National Motor Club, these vehicles can be owned, rented, or borrowed!

It also provides unlimited 24/7 roadside assistance that covers towing, flat tire assistance, jump-starts, emergency fluid delivery, battery boosts, replacing a stolen key and lockout service, among others.

Unique Features Available with National Motor Club Plans

The National Motor Club is not a traditional insurance company. It is sought after by travelers when they use their vehicles, whether they are cars, motorcycles, RVs or trucks to travel frequently or for vacation, and require supplemental coverage for their peace of mind.

With 45,000 affiliated roadside service providers, the NMC provides its over six million members travel safety information and other travel services besides roadside assistance.

One of the major aspects of the National Motor Club policies is the unlimited nature of its offerings. Whether it is towing, emergency fluid delivery, or tire changes, the National Motor Club does not set any limits on the number of times you call them for assistance.

Other unique features of National Motor Club’s membership packages include access to legal assistance and compensation for all fees and fines, stolen vehicle reward that promises a $5,000 award on the return of a member’s vehicle, vision care savings, bail bonds up to $25,000, and prescription drugs savings, both generic and brand name. They also make special offers to its members through its various affiliations such as reduced camping prices, special parts for vintage cars, among others.

The National Motor Club seeks partnerships with insurance companies, equipment manufacturers, RV dealers and other motor clubs to develop customized service packages. An outstanding example of such collaboration is a recent partnership with Airstream.

National Motor Club Ratings

Since the National Motor Club is not a conventional insurance company, it has not been rated for its financial strength by industry rating agencies such as A.M. Best or Standard & Poor’s. However, the Better Business Bureau of Dallas and Northeast Texas have consistently given the National Motor Club an A+ for its business operations, underscoring the good service it provides and its high member satisfaction quotient.