Just take a look around on the roads and you are sure to find some pimped out cars. However, you may not see them in everyday traffic because (while their owners love to show them off) they also want to protect their investments. Some of the most pimped out cars you will find are even owned by celebrities, who have the extra funds to throw into customizing a car to perfectly reflect themselves.

Pimped Out Cars Owned by Hip-Hop Stars

Hip-Hop stars and pimped out cars go hand in hand. Practically every recognizable name and plenty of the non-recognizable ones all have their very own pimped out car. Such vehicles truly are the new status symbol of those in the music business.

Diddy, also known as Sean Combs, has had a variety of pimped out cars, including a 1959 Chevrolet Corvette, a Bentley Arnage, a Rolls-Royce Phantom Saloon, a Lamborghini Gallardo convertible and a Phantom Drophead coupe. He even sold quite a few of his pimped out cars, as many as 150 of them on eBay in 2005. Even his Chevy Express 3500, originally priced at $28,000 has pimped out to the tune of $380,000 including plasmas screens, a wine chiller, extended cab, initialed hardwood floor and leather bottle holders.

Will.i.am is another rapper who even owns his own car company. He has proudly shown off a pimped out Bentley and a Tesla Roadster. The rims and wheels of these cars are the first things that clue you in to the fact that they are pimped out.

Snoop Dogg is no stranger to pimped out cars either. His bright yellow 1967 Pontiac Parisienne screams pimped out with its basketball scene painted on the front of this eye-catching vehicle.

Pimped Out Girl Cars Owned by Female Celebrities

Even the ladies are getting in on the act with pimped out cars to their taste. In a world where everything makes a statement, it only makes sense that the car a celebrity drives shows off her style.

Jersey Shore Sensation Snooki has a pimped out Cadillac Escalade with hot pink trim. The custom color and d├ęcor is what makes this car one of the most pimped out ladies’ rides. It features a graphic of Hello Kitty on the back window and the words Boss Lady on the back bumper. Hot pink is everywhere you would expect to find chrome on a standard pimped out car.

Another one of the hottest pimped out cars owned by a female celebrity is the all pink Bentley belonging to Paris Hilton. She has had the entire car pimped out completely in pink. From the pink rims to the pink grill on the front to its pink dash, diamond accents, and monogrammed seats, this car is all girl.

Pimped Out Car Features

What makes one car more pimped out than another is more than just opinion. A pimped out car is one that upgraded and customized so that it is completely unique. Typically, many of the original parts of the car are removed and replaced with new components. Sometimes the car is completely rebuilt from scratch, even occasionally involving the engine.

The most pimped out cars are the ones that definitely sport the extreme items that are just out of place in a car. Some of the ones that have been showcased on television shows specializing in this type of car include an electric fireplace, a clothes dryer, and a ball spinner for bowling balls.

Pimping out the exterior of a car is the first step in creating the most pimped out car. In fact, because it is so costly to create a pimped out car, it makes sense to do the outside first, so one can enjoy how great the car looks. Many people capture the theme of the car with its exterior, making it resemble an animal, another type of vehicle, or whatever their imagination desires. Catchy decals, paint jobs, chrome rims, and custom components help to create an exterior that stands out.

Car Insurance Coverage for Pimped Out Cars

While car insurance is important for anyone to carry, for those with the pimped out cars, it is extremely important to carry. Such customization does not come cheap. Be sure to make sure that your car insurance is appropriate because most policies will require you to list any customization or even carry a specialty car policy. Be honest in telling your insurer about the changes.

Car enthusiasts love a pimped out car. While a car can be pimped out with as little as oversized rims and wheels on a conservative vehicle, many of the most pimped out cars are truly a remarkable sight. Protect your pimped out cars with sufficient car insurance coverage for peace of mind.