The company that eventually became Kemper goes back to 1926. Over the years it has been bought, sold, had smaller entities spun off, gone through name changes, and changed its focus in terms of offerings. Kemper was acquired by Unitrin in 2002, but the name was not changed. The Unitrin family of companies includes Kemper Home Services, Kemper Preferred, Reserve National, Unitrin Specialty and Unitrin Reserve.

The current branch of Kemper that handles auto insurance as well as other personal casualty and property insurance is known as Kemper Preferred. This company uses a network of over 4,700 independent agents, providing a choice of insurance policies, companies and programs to meet each customer’s individual requirements. Kemper Preferred services more 750,000 policyholders nationwide.

Auto Insurance

Kemper Preferred offers a full range of standard car insurance products, from simple liability to comprehensive coverage. The company claims to offer exceptional rates on auto insurance, whether a vehicle is owned or leased. Kemper Preferred provides discounts to auto insurance customers with good driving records, good grades, or with cars that have safety devices including anti-theft locks, anti-lock brakes, airbags, alarms and automatic seatbelts. They also offer multiple car discounts and discounts for having taken a driving class.

Kemper also offers package deals that are especially designed for convenience and savings. Package Plus® is a combination of several types of coverage into one policy. These may include home, auto, jewelry, collectibles, boat, and identity theft. The advantage of their packages over getting a simple multiple policy discount is that customers only receive bill each month for most of their insurance needs.

Other Products

Kemper Preferred offers a variety of other insurance products, including home insurance, condo insurance, rental insurance, boat insurance, and home based business insurance. They also offer special, customizable policies for collectibles and expensive personal property. They insure 94 different categories of collectibles! Kemper Preferred also offers identity theft insurance.

Kemper Customer Service Reviews

Kemper Preferred tries to provide excellent customer service by focusing on making things convenient for the customer. They provide simple procedures and a convenient online processing system for customers to access their policy documents and bills and to file claims and track them. They provide a number of convenient and safe bill paying options as well, including automatic payment withdrawals and eBilling.

Claims can be the most challenging part of any insurance relationship and Kemper tries to keep things convenient for clients when it comes to that area, as well. They offer a 24-hour hotline, with agents who are instructed to work with the customer every step of the way to ensure satisfaction. Their claims representatives receive consistently high ratings from agents and customers.

The Kemper website offers a number of handy tools and tips, such as tips for auto and home insurance. They also have a personal property analyzer and a disaster assistance link. For new customers, there are handy links on the website to find an agent or get a quote.

Kemper Preferred was one of the few insurance companies with a fast response during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. They have also distinguished themselves among environmentally-minded customers by implementing green strategies in their operations and giving customers environmentally friendly options like paperless billing.

Kember Car Insurance Concerns

Some people have some concerns about Kemper’s auto insurance because it appears to have a lack of flexibility. Customers may not be able to find the personalized solution that they are looking for in auto insurance. Their auto insurance is not terribly creative or different from other products out there, nor do they offer rates that are significantly lower than their competitors.

The frequent changes the company has gone through in the form of acquisitions and buyouts tends to worry some people. Insurance is a very personal product. Whenever large changes happen within a company, customers worry about how that may affect them.

Financial Information

All of the underwriting companies of Kemper Preferred are rated “A-” or “Excellent” by A.M. Best, which is the most trusted rating authority in the insurance industry. Kemper has had a stable financial base for decades. The Unitrin Family of companies has over 6 million policyholders and over 8 billion dollars in assets. They collect over 2 billion dollars a year in insurance premiums.

Should I buy car insurance from Kemper?

Kemper Insurance has been around a long time, even though they’ve changed a bit. The overall picture is one of stability and the changes they have undergone do not appear to have negatively impacted their customers. This fact, coupled with their efficient customer service department and focus on customer convenience makes it easy to overlook what’s lacking from their auto insurance policies. All of this together makes them a fairly solid choice for auto insurance.