Infinity Car Insurance began as the Dixie Insurance Company, a small outlet in the southern United States, more than 50 years ago. Since then, they have grown into a top 50 car insurance company with thousands of employees operating in more than 40 states.

When you have Infinity Car Insurance, you should know that the company is actually a combination of several organizations collectively known as Infinity Property and Casualty Corporation.

Although Infinity Car Insurance serves 43 states, clearly you can’t take advantage of their programs if you are located in one of the other seven. Some of their benefits are not offered in all states so you should contact an agent first to find out which ones are viable in your area.

The Infinity Car Insurance Advantage

One of the unique aspects of Infinity Car Insurance is that they have a variety of easy-to-understand levels of insurance designed to fit every lifestyle and budget. For good drivers with an excellent record on the road, there is the Premier level, which provides desirable options such as hassle-free transfers of new vehicles and coverage for temporary vehicles.

There is the Value-Added program for those with a less than stellar driving record who still want quality automobile insurance with a few perks. At this level, you get the best plan possible at rates that are still reasonable.

A Low Cost choice is available for anyone looking to have just enough coverage to get by. With this plan you can receive state minimum coverage, without all the bells and whistles, at the lowest possible rate. This level is especially helpful for new drivers or someone who has difficulty obtaining coverage elsewhere due to their driving record.

The underwriters for the Infinity Car Insurance Company, which consist of the Infinity Select Insurance Company and the Infinity National Insurance Company, work hard to get applicants the coverage they need. They offer top solutions for each category.

You can also buy collector car insurance for your classic or collector vehicle at Infinity. The company also handles insurance requirements for businesses that need to insure their drivers. Regardless of the type of coverage you choose, you can also select to receive Infinity’s Roadside Assistance plan called the Driver’s Club. Membership is free so you only pay for what you use.

Among the other advantages of being an Infinity Car Insurance client is their convenient repair service locator, a handy application that allows you to type in your zip code and be connected with qualified service mechanics for any kind of vehicle all over the country.

How Infinity Reaches Specialty Markets

In addition to car insurance products, Infinity Car Insurance also produces a free magazine for policyholders called Read Conmigo (read with me) which promotes bilingualism and family togetherness. The company is also highly involved in the communities where they operate. In this role, it is not unusual to find their name as a sponsor for a local event or providing assistance to educational outlets. The company believes they gain a better understanding of their clients by being a real part of their lives in ways unrelated to insurance.

Infinity’s Marketing Is On Target

Many consumers may already be aware of Infinity Car Insurance through recognition of their commercials featuring various characters, each with very different personalities, in the company’s “Unique…Just like you” campaign. These advertisements can be seen on television, on YouTube, or on the Infinity Insurance website’s Drive-In Theater link.

Perhaps you identify with the Rec League Rock Star and his sports equipment in the trunk. Maybe you are more like the Pinata Maker who lives for customer service or the Life of the Party who is always on the go. Infinity uses these ads to show that they have insurance plans for every sort of driver.

Stability and Security

The Infinity Car Insurance Company ranks number two on the list of the top non-standard auto insurance writers in America. Their non-standard label means they offer insurance policies to those that other insurance companies may not, such as people with numerous points on their license or a poor credit history.

In addition, they are positioned in fourth place among the top insurance stocks. The company has an A rating with both A.M. Best and Standard and Poor’s rating agencies, which means they are described as excellent or secure. These organizations judge a company based on fiscal strength and client satisfaction.

Infinity Car Insurance for Business

Businesses that need insurance for 20 vehicles or less in multiple states would be well served by the Infinity Car Insurance Company. They offer several different types of coverage, including commercial insurance, in many states, for both cars and all purpose trucks. It does not matter what type of company you have; Infinity writes policies for everything from agriculture to retail organizations.