Car insurance for a BMW X6 M series automobile will cost around $1100 dollars a year. This varies by state, and also depends on other factors such as your driving record.

How did the BMW M series begin?

BMW started its M series in 1972 as a division to manage their racing line. The first M series car created for the general public was the BMW M1.

However, the M1 was only built so that BMW could qualify for the German races, which had a stipulation that all racing cars had to be developed from series production vehicles. Less than 500 were produced, making them an instant collector’s item. The M is short for Motorsport.

What are some of the special features on the BMW X6 M series automobiles?

With the BMW X6 M series, you get a lot for your money. All BMWs come with exceptional engine performance as standard equipment. In the world of crossover vehicles, some companies make you sacrifice speed for style. The BMW X6 M series provides both an enjoyable ride with incredible acceleration and superior handling.

Often, it is difficult to choose between the sports car that your heart desires and the utility vehicle your brain knows you need for your family. With the BMW X6 M series, you can truly have both. These automobiles have been designed with the engine of a motorsport vehicle in a car that is suitable for daily driving. These BMWs are much less expensive than most top of the line sports cars such as Ferraris or Lamborghinis.

The BMW X6 M series comes fully loaded with many of the features you would expect in a luxury vehicle, with several more added for good measure. It comes with all wheel drive and an on-board navigation system. There is also a sunroof, heated power front seats, and a 16 speaker sound system that should please both driver and passengers.

Drivers seeking high performance will delight in this car’s 555 horsepower V8 twin turbo engine that can go from a dead stop to 60 miles per hour in an astonishing 4.3 seconds. This is not only quicker than most other vehicles designed assports utility, it is also faster than many smaller, sportier cars.

With a car this fast, you might not expect it to have towing ability, but it can tow up to 6,000 pounds. Thanks to an exclusive braking system, the X6 M can also bring all this power to a stop in approximately 100 feet when traveling at the speed limit.

You might also be excited by the fact that there is a simple button on the steering wheel, marked M. This button lets you truly control the engine strength based on whatever the current street condition happens to be. You can, in effect, tell the transmission exactly what you want it to do.

For the safety and security of everyone, the BMW X6 M series comes with hill descent control and active roll stabilization. You also get parking sensors on both ends. In addition, it can be programmed to memorize the settings, the steering wheel height, and the audio system for two different drivers.

Anti-lock brakes and side air bags are standard equipment as well. These characteristics can keep you safe as well as possibly save money on your car insurance quote. There is also a passenger head restraint system to decrease the likelihood of whiplash injuries.

There are plenty of other special features you can select as options for the BMW X6 series, such as cameras on top and in the back. You can get instinctive headlights which intuitively switch from low to high and back again depending on conditions and traffic, and heated rear seats. Other preferences available include soft close automatic doors, a cross-traffic camera and premium leather interior.

What is the true cost to own a BMW X6 M series car?

Fuel will cost roughly $4,000 a year, as it gets approximately 17 miles per gallon on the highway. Due to BMW’s comprehensive warranty plan which covers the vehicle for four years or 50,000 miles, repair costs should be minimal or nonexistent.

Are there any disadvantages for the BMW X6 M series?

According to independent reviewers, the BMW X6 M series is still a bit too heavy to perform well on very tight turns and road conditions. In addition, some people are discouraged from purchasing it because it is only a four seat automobile. It also has less trunk room than some smaller vehicles. This can be potentially unappealing for those who are accustomed to ferrying passengers and cargo on a regular basis.

Although the BMW X6 M series handles well under most road conditions, it is viewed as lacking power on twisty curves due to its heft, which is a hulking 5,300 pounds. Only a test drive will determine for sure whether a BMW X6 M series is right for you. Even with its shortcomings, it’s worth a closer look.