If you are ready to purchase a BMW 740i sedan then you need to know about the cost of owning this vehicle. In general, you can expect to pay approximately $2500 a year for car insurance on a 740i sedan. However when you see that blue, black and white emblem speed past you on the road the cost of insurance is only a minimal distraction!

How is the 740i sedan classified within the BMW line?

With its mighty twin turbo engine and classy design, the BMW 740i sedan is one of the luxury vehicles in the company’s 7 series. The 7 series was created in 1978 to be the flagship of the company. All the cars in this series are full size with rear-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive as an option on some models. The 740i ranks among the larger vehicles in size, with ample interior room and rich accents.

BMW automobiles are all represented by numbers and letters, instead of names like other car brands such as a Ford Taurus or Honda Excel. The numbers explain the series and the letters are used to signify various features of the car, like d for a diesel engine or c for coupe. Therefore, the 740i sedan is a luxury car with a fuel injection engine.

What features make the 740i sedan unique?

The BMW 740i sedan has many of the qualities you might expect from a luxury automobile along with numerous other highlights which make it one of a kind. This car represents the ultimate in comfort, performance and safety. To keep passengers happy, the BMW 740i sedan has a back seat entertainment system, an advanced format for 4-way climate control, and a luxurious design that provides maximum relaxation for everyone. The smooth ride is also a huge benefit.

True drivers will appreciate all that the BMW organization does to make the 740i sedan an enjoyable experience. Equipped with a 315 horsepower, direct fuel injection engine created to give the driver control over the vehicle and superior handling, you will feel as if you and the car are one when driving.

Drivers also have interior control with every instrument and button at your fingertips. This eliminates the temptation to ever take your eyes off the road or become distracted while trying to find what you need. All technology, entertainment and vehicle information is located in a bright, convenient, center display console, putting everything in reach. BMW applications and global positioning information are also on the same display.

Another focal point for the new 740i sedan is the exclusive front suspension concept, which allows you to actually set your driving method to the current road situation. The choices are normal, comfort, sport and sport+. These can be switched back and forth with just a touch.

Safety is always a main component in BMW design and the 2012 BMW 740i sedan maintains current high BMW safety standard. The vehicle comes equipped with various standard features such as a rear-view camera, a blind spot sensor and a warning system to alert you if you drift into another lane.

Other critical protection elements include the innovative Night Vision system, which allows the driver to detect road hazards, animals and pedestrians more than 800 feet away using infrared technology. With this road monitoring system, the car is actually working with you by helping to avoid collisions with things you cannot see. It even differentiates between a creature and a person so you can adjust accordingly.

There are also advancements which may help you save on car insurance, such as anti-lock brakes, side impact air bags and an anti-theft system. In addition, you can get Park Distance Control and a tire pressure monitor. These may not provide an insurance discount but might go a long way in helping to prevent accidents.

In the unlikely event that you are involved in an accident, the BMW 740i sedan has a procedure which activates during a crash. It disconnects the parts from the battery which could start a fire and automatically unlocking doors. This serves to minimize damage and decreases the chance for injuries.

What is the total cost to drive a BMW 740i sedan?

The cost for a new BMW 740i sedan is approximately $70,000. Other costs include fuel, which should be approximately 2,700 dollars a year, and fees which can range between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a year depending on the state where you live. BMW owners have the bonus of not having to pay for any maintenance on their vehicles for four years or up to 50,000 miles on their new car, so this can be deducted from total cost of ownership. All things considered, this equals a cost of more than $85,000 over five years … but once you drive a BMW you will never go back!