BMW vehicles are known as the ultimate driving machine. If you have your eyes on a BMW 550i xDrive sedan, you may be wondering how much you should expect to pay in insurance for such a fine automobile. If you have a decent credit rating, your payments will be approximately $1900 a year for car insurance on the BMW 550i xdrive sedan.

Many people, from little kids to senior citizens, dream of owning a BMW someday. Nevertheless, when you consider purchasing any vehicle, it is important to know what the total cost to drive it will be. These costs include fuel, maintenance, and insurance.

How did BMW get started?

Most people are familiar with BMW but the acronym has been used for so many years that some folks are no longer sure what the letters stand for. BMW, which stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke, was started by Karl Rapp in 1913 as a company which produced engines for airplanes. When business for these products started to dwindle, they switched to making motorcycles, which gained notoriety for their swiftness.

The company moved into the automobile market soon after, with their popular 328 sports car at the top of the list. World War II forced BMW to halt production for several years, but they returned strongly by making sports sedans and touring cars. These vehicles earned them a position of prominence in the car market that they still enjoy today.

The company now comprises the BMW line as well as Rolls-Royce and the Mini. It is currently one of the top luxury automobile producers in the world. Collectively referred to as “beamers” by the general public, BMW classifies its various car types into different series. For example, the 3 series consists mainly of smart, efficient automobiles while the 1 series is made up of smaller but more extravagant vehicles.

To know what all the letters and numbers really mean, it is vital to understand their naming method. The first number represents the series and the following numbers give you the engine power divided by 100. Any letters which come after provide more detailed information, such as d for diesel, z for a two-seater roadster or a for automatic. Therefore, the BMW 550i xDrive sedan is from the five series with a 55,000 engine, fuel injection, and four-wheel drive.

All BMW cars can usually be recognized on sight by their signature grill and the black, white and blue emblem which serves as a trademark. Currently their offerings feature everything from SUVs to race cars. BMW still manufactures motorcycles as well.

What features make a BMW 550i xDrive sedan special?

The BMW 550i xDrive sedan costs approximately $60,000 with standard equipment, and gets more than 15 miles per gallon of gas. According to Motor Trend Magazine, you can anticipate spending about $3,000 a year on fuel and more than $200 on fees. Due to the exceptional manufacturing of these automobiles, unless you have an accident or suffer some other disaster, you will probably not need to spend money on repairs for the first few years of ownership.

For ultimate convenience, the BMW 550i xDrive sedan has power outlets and park distance control in the list of standard equipment. It also boasts automatic climate control with separate settings for the driver and passenger as well as ground illuminating lights in the door handles. Other attractive elements include 12 speakers, heated door mirrors and speed sensitive windshield wipers.

Among owners, this BMW receives praise for its smooth running, quiet engine and remarkable traction control. In fact, the engine gets the most attention from consumers because of its desirable v-8 twin turbo and eight speed automatic transmission with overdrive.

Are there ways to save money on insurance for a BMW 550i xDrive sedan?

There are many features that come standard with (and ones you can add) to help lower the cost of car insurance for your BMW 550i xDrive sedan. For example, in addition to having driver and passenger air bags, this sedan comes with side impact air bags for extra safety. It also has an interior anchoring system to help guard against the car doors buckling in during a crash as well as anti-lock brakes. The BMW 550i xDrive sedan also comes with an anti-theft system. For additional peace of mind, you can get the BMW safety plan which includes Stolen Vehicle Recovery.

Driving a BMW is sure to get you some attention on the road, and it has a reputation for being fun to drive. If you are looking for a well made vehicle that looks and drives like a dream then you should consider the BMW 550i xDrive sedan.