It is hard to say exactly how many cars Kanye West has, but he has driven a number of great ones. The cars that he has become well known for have been used for his personal use as well as in his music videos. Some have even stirred up some controversy.

Who is Kanye West? If you have to ask, Kanye West is an extremely popular singer, rapper and producer. As a result, he has no shortage of funds and is able to buy a number of luxury vehicles. He also has a reputation to uphold and to look good. The cars he drive often make a statement about his life and career.

Mercedes McLaren SLR

One of Kanye West’s favorite cars is the Mclaren SLR from Mercedes-Benz. The car was available from 2003 to 2009 and costs about $750,000. The engine has 617 hp and a supercharged V8. It is a 2 door car and has a 5 speed automatic transmission.

One of the features of the McLaren SLR is the active aerodynamics. The spoiler located on the back air brake flap helps to increase down force. It raises automatically to 10 degrees when you are driving above 59 mph and you can manually increase it to 30 degrees.

Mercedes Benz SLR Stirling Moss

One of the cars that has sparked a lot of talk is the SLR Stirling Moss by Mercedes Benz. This is the car that Kanye West chose to drive during the Cannes Film Festival in 2011. Besides the high price tag of about one million dollars, it is just one of 75 made in the world. This car has no roof or windshield and can reach 217 miles per hour.

The SLR Stirling Moss was designed in Korea and was inspired by another Mercedes, the 300 SLR Speedster. Along with no windows or roof, the two doors have a gullwing design. The car has 640 hp, a supercharged 5.5 liter V8, and can go from 0 to 62 miles per hour in only 3.5 seconds.

Aston Martin DB9

Another car that Kanye appreciates is the Aston Martin DB9. This is a two door coupe with a structure made mainly of aluminum. Its maximum speed is 186 mph and it can go from 0 to 62 mph in only 4.8 seconds. The engine of the DB9 is a V12 with rear wheel drive. The transmission is a six speed automatic touchtronic. The car comes with anti-lock brakes, traction control, an emergency brake assist, and stability control.

The interior of the Aston Martin DB9 is all leather with a walnut trim. The front seats are heated and can store the positions of different drivers. For entertainment, there is a six CD changer and a connector for an MP3 or IPOD. The base price for an Aston Martin DB9 is around $189,900.


The Maybach became news due to a video that Kanye made with Jay-Z. In their video Otis, the rappers destroyed the car with a blow torch and saw, and then took a joyride. The car they ruined was priced at $350,000.

Maybach, which is the luxury brand of Mercedes Benz, has long been known to auto enthusiasts as a distinguished and beautiful vehicle. The different models of Maybach include the 57 S, 62, 62 S, and Landaulet. The Maybach that was destroyed in the video was the 57 model.

Unlike the traditional brakes normally found in a car, the Maybach 57 uses Sensotronic Brake Control. This is an electrohydraulic system which results in smoother braking and helps stabilize the vehicle. It includes a system that detects obstacles when you are parking.

Both the front and rear seats in the 57 are heated. They are made with leather and have lumbar supports. There are window curtains so that you can keep out the sun. The Maybach comes with a refrigerator in the rear and two champagne flutes.

Range Rover SuperSport

Another car that Kanye has been linked to is the Range Rover SuperSport. This vehicle has a dark grille finish and body colored door handles. The starting price for the Range Rover is around $61,000.

The seats in the SuperSport are covered in luxury leather. The driver’s seat has three different memory settings and lumbar support. The exterior mirrors are heated and adjustable and the vehicle has a rearview camera to help with parking.

Porsche Panamera

The Porsche Panamera that Kanye owned became famous due to a joyride that went wrong in Hawaii. The Panamera that Kanye was using while doing some recording in Hawaii was stolen and taken for a joyride. The sports car ended up crashing into a million dollar house.

The Panamera has four seats, which is different than most other Porsche models. It handles like a sports car, which is partly due to the short distance between the steering wheel and the gear lever. The MSRP for the Panamera is $75,200.

Mercedes-Benz G500

Obviously Kanye is a fan of Mercedes. Such a fan, in fact, that in 2003 he failed to return a leased G500 when his lease ended. Not only is it a stylish looking vehicle but it has a number of safety features as well. Starting at around $105,000, the G500 has 382 hp and a V8 5.5 liter engine.