Before you invest in a Honda Civic Coupe, it is important to know how much car insurance is for this vehicle. There is a variety of different Honda Civic Coupes, each with differing price tags. As can be expected, prices on insurance for each vary based on the cost of the vehicle and the features it has.

On average, annual car insurance for a Honda Civic Coupe is slightly more than $1,500. However, factors completely unrelated to the car itself are also taken into consideration when setting insurance rates. The age, gender, and marital status of the driver, where the owner lives, the driving records of those who will use it and more can greatly affect the actual cost of insurance.

Because car insurance rates can vary depending on so many different factors, it is important to shop around for car insurance for your Honda Civic Coupe. Getting multiple quotes and comparing them based on price, coverage and the company itself is the best way to get the best policy at the best price for your needs.

What sets the Honda Civic Coupe apart?

The Honda Civic Coupe has a lot to offer drivers who are looking for an affordable smaller car that is good on gas. It gets 34-38 miles to the gallon in highway driving. The newest model of the car even has Honda’s Eco Assist system to assist drivers in making more fuel-efficient driving choices.

The commitment of this company to being environmentally focused is as prevalent today as it has been since 1975, when the Civic Coupe was the forerunner in exceeding the requirements of the Clean Air Act of 1970 without the help of a catalytic converter.

The former sub-compact car is one that North Americans have embraced with enthusiasm. The early models of the car were very basic. However, recent versions of the Civic Coupe include satellite-linked navigation, ABS brakes, leather upholstery, power windows and locks, vehicle stability assistance and more.

With its sporty look and solid reputation for fuel efficiency, performance, reliability, and eco-friendliness, the Honda Civic is a popular choice in North America. This car, as the recipient of a variety of awards (including Car of the Year) has consistently outperformed many other compact cars, creating a legion of fans.

How does the Honda Civic Coupe do in safety ratings?

The Honda Civic Coupe does extremely well in safety ratings for a vehicle of its size. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Honda Civic received five star ratings for frontal driver and frontal passenger safety every year from 2001 until the present. Going further back, the model received four stars or better ratings on Civics from 1996 through 2000.

Side driver passenger rating and side rear passenger ratings are not quite as good as the frontal ratings. While the 2001 to 2005 two-door, side air bag models all received five stars in every category, other models did not. Side impact crash tests deem that the coupe is acceptable with three or four star ratings in these categories, depending on the type and year of the vehicle.

How much does the Honda Civic Coupe cost?

The 2012 Honda Civic Coupe goes for a very affordable $15,605, according to the Manufacturer’s Standard Retail Price for the DX, which is the base model coupe. The EX model retails for $19,705, The EX-L goes for $21,955. The LX is priced at $17,655. The SI tops out at $22,205.

Honda is a reliable make that retains its value well when compared to many other vehicles. For this reason, you will find that used Honda Civics are higher priced than other cars of the same age in its class. However, because of the quality of this import model, it is well deserved.

As a consumer, there is a variety of different costs to consider when buying a car. It is not simply the cost of the vehicle itself. Other costs of ownership to consider include insurance, gas, financing, maintenance, repairs, state fees, and depreciation. According to, when you take into consideration all these different costs, the five-year cost of owning a Honda Civic Coupe is an additional more than $25,000 over the cost of the vehicle itself.

If you are looking to compare insurance before purchasing a Honda Civic, rest assured that it is not a vehicle with higher than average car insurance ratings. Take the time to get a variety of quotes from different car insurance companies so you can compare the actual prices out there for you. Because car insurance is such a customized price, it is important to get your own quotes and not rely on averages. An online quote tool can help you quickly and easily access a variety of Honda Civic Coupe quotes from top insurers serving your area.