On the average, the cost of car insurance for a Honda Accord Sedan will range between $1,200 and $1,400 per year however this is just a national average. Many drivers (depending on where they live and their unique profile) can end up much more or less than the average. Such things as the number of discounts you qualify for or you driving record (even your profession) all have influence on the cost of insurance.

What sort of safety features does the 2012 Honda Accord have?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration rated the 2012 Honda Accord Sedan with five stars in each of their combined safety categories, so the safety features are obviously top-of-the-line. The features can be divided into two categories, accident prevention and accident protection.

To help prevent accidents, the Honda Accord Sedan has Vehicle Stability Assist, which automatically compensates when a driver oversteers or understeers during a pressure situation, helping the driver to retain control of the vehicle. These sedans also feature four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes, which help drivers stay in control of the car even when they have to hit the brake hard. In order to insure proper tire inflation, the Honda Accord Sedan has a tire pressure monitoring system that will warn the driver when tire pressure drops to an unsafe level in any tire.

To help protect the driver and passengers during a crash, the Honda Accord Sedan has a specially designed body structure featuring Advanced Compatibility Engineering, which will disperse the force of a frontal impact over a wider area, allowing less force to reach the passengers. The sedan also features front side, front, and side curtain airbags to help reduce injuries in the event of an accident. There are also active front head restraints to help prevent a whiplash injury in case the car is hit from the rear.

Is the Honda Accord Sedan environmentally friendly?

The Honda Accord is a leader in environmental emission control technology. The cars were among the first to have Ultra-Low-Emission-Vehicle technology and they are currently compliant with the Partial-Zero-Emission technology. In terms of fuel efficiency, the Honda Accord Sedan offers a four-cylinder model, which gets an estimated 34 MPG on the highway, and a six-cylinder model that is estimated to provide 30 MPG on the highway.

What technology does the Honda Accord Sedan offer?

There are a number of advanced technological options available on the Honda Accord Sedan which provide safety, comfort and convenience.

For comfort, the Honda Accord Sedan features dual zone climate control, which allows the driver and passenger to each adjust the heating or air conditioning to their own personal comfort level. There is also an electronically adjustable seat available on some models. This seat features ten different positions and a two-position memory, so if two different people regularly drive the car they can instantly adjust the seat to their liking.

For convenience, you can’t beat the steering wheel mounted controls for both the cruise control and the audio system. Speaking of the audio system, some models of Honda Accord Sedan feature a 270-watt AM/FM audio system with a six-disc CD changer and an auxiliary input jack for an MP3 player. Also available is the Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System, which recognizes 600 different voice commands and stores everything from points of interest to restaurant reviews.

Safety is an important feature of the Honda Accord Sedan, and there are a few technological options that assist in that regard. An available rearview camera will help drivers to back up without risk of damaging their vehicle or hurting someone. For those who get the navigation system, there is also a Bluetooth HandsFreeLink included, which allows you to make hands free calls with any compatible phone, helping you to keep your hands on the wheel where they belong.

Is the Honda Accord Sedan one of the most sought-after vehicles by car thieves?

When people talk about which cars are stolen most often, the name Honda often comes up. It is true that the two most stolen cars in America are Hondas, according to National Insurance Crime Bureau’s 2010 statistics, but it is important to note the years. The Honda Accord Sedan was, in fact, the most stolen car in 2010, but that was the 1994 version.

Only 5,700 of the 52,000 Honda Accords stolen in 2010 were made after the year 2000. This would seem to indicate that thieves are at least a little bit deterred by modern theft prevention devices. The second most stolen car during 2010 was the 1995 Honda Civic.