What began in 1885 as the Michigan Mutual Tornado, Cyclone and Windstorm Company is now the Hastings Mutual Insurance Company. Back then, it was easy to tell exactly which disaster services the company offered. Now, all you need to do is check their website to learn that Hastings provides most insurance related products, including personal, business and farm protection.

Hastings Mutual Insurance was instrumental in sponsoring the first storm early warnings systems in the 1950s, which have become standard today and has saved countless lives. Their role in this effort was officially recognized by the Governor of Michigan in 1979.

The business insurance options offered by the Hastings Mutual Insurance company consist of employment liability insurance, specialty contractors and auto repair service. In the farm insurance category, the company provides coverage for liability, property or equipment failure, as well as protection for issues specific to certain industries such as dairy and fruit growers.

Individual policyholders at Hastings can take advantage of insurance coverage for both homeowners and renters. In addition, they supply options for those who own manufactured homes and recreational vehicles.

Their car insurance division offers the exclusive Multi Protection Guard (MPG) coverage at no additional cost to members. With this special program, your insurance policy will provide peace of mind through extra services such as coverage of a pet injury or death, new vehicle replacement cost, and travel protection. The MPG coverage also covers you if your brand new car is totaled or if you own a computerized navigation system such as Garmin and it gets stolen.

Hastings is rated as excellent, with an A+ from A.M. Best. They have operated as a “paperless” organization since 2003, providing everything from quotes to entire policies through electronic means. They were also named a top leader in information technology practices by the Information Week publication, receiving recognition as an innovative user of business technology. Currently, Hastings Mutual Insurance operates in six states throughout the American Midwest.

Other Products

For homeowners, there are a variety of insurance protection products to give you extra peace of mind, especially when combined with Hastings Mutual Car Insurance. You can choose protection for your own property as well as someone else’s property that is temporarily in your possession. If you own property that is occupied by others, you can select liability coverage for these buildings. Hastings Mutual also offers a Tenant’s Policy for renters, and a Leisure Products Endorsement policy for coverage of hobby equipment such as hunting weapons or fishing gear.

You may also add identity theft protection to these options at no further cost. The identity theft category has segments for children, military personnel, those who travel, and victims of disaster. It also offers help to those who have already suffered from identity fraud.

Hastings Mutual Insures Businesses

Insurance for business can be vastly different from personal car insurance. Hastings Mutual understands this and offers a variety of services designed specifically for companies through their Business Owners and Commercial Package policy choices.

For example, the Employment Practices Liability Insurance option protects a business if they are ever faced with an employee-related lawsuit, such as sexual harassment or discrimination. It includes the cost of hiring legal representation. With this selection, Hastings Mutual provides several free resources to assist businesses in some of these delicate issues, like a convenient hotline which connects you to corporate attorneys to answer your questions and a special website for management tools. Even companies that specialize in business insurance often do not offer this coverage.

The Choice Auto Repair Service (C.A.R.S.) program provides a special plan for businesses that work exclusively on car repair and restoration. Among the types of businesses covered are auto glass shops, oil and lubrication outlets, auto diagnostic centers and even car washes. Owners can get coverage for tools and extra expenses.

Licensed contractors such as plumbers and electricians can also receive industry specific coverage with Hastings Mutual. They provide coverage for essentials like tools and accounts receivable. Metalworking professionals can also receive individual consideration through Hastings Mutual Insurance. This includes aspects like protection for property off-site and coverage for theft of dies and molds.

There is also help for business owners through workers compensation, equipment malfunction and business auto coverage. As proof that they have not forgotten where they started, Hastings Mutual continues to offer protection for farmers in the form of special discounts. They even offer coverage for employee dishonesty.

Overall, if you are seeking large corporation offerings with a small business atmosphere, Hastings Mutual might be the company for you. With more than 100 years of experience, they are ideal for those who value longevity coupled with financial strength.