The Hanover Car Insurance company boasts a long history as one of the oldest insurance institutions, tracing its roots back to 1852. Hanover’s primary purpose was providing protection against fire, which was a common disaster in those times. Their name was derived from the location of their first offices, Hanover Square in New York City. As times changed, Hanover Insurance did too, growing to add car and boat insurance to its list of services.

Although it is a national company, Hanover Insurance is still segmented by region, providing services unique to the drivers, homeowners and businesses in each respective area. They are consistently listed among the best insurance companies in America, and are currently ranked among the top 25. The company offers specialty, business, personal and surety insurance. Hanover’s 5,000 employees and agents work hard to serve their clients, which number over one million.

Customize Your Policy

Through its Connections Auto Insurance program, the Hanover Car Insurance Company makes it easy for clients to customize their auto insurance policy so they can get exactly what they need for their individual circumstances. They provide the usual liability, collision, roadside assistance and medical components for policy holders. Nevertheless, Hanover Car Insurance Company also offers the opportunity to select from a long list of optional items through their Value Added Endorsements feature.

With their Value Added Endorsements program, you do not have to accept a bundle of services you will never use. Everything is separated, which allows you to select the specific coverage you require. For example, in the roadside assistance option, you would not have to pay for the whole package. You can choose only towing and labor, or just rental.

Say you have multiple vehicles and would never need a rental car to replace your primary automobile while it is being repaired. The ability to remove the rental car section of your plan means you would not have to pay for a service that is unnecessary to your lifestyle.

Among the other options you can elect to receive is the Travel Right program, which provides insurance for your pet ,and assistance if your trip is interrupted. There is also Extended Non-Owned Coverage for excess liability and medical protection, as well as the Drive Smart Advantage option which provides accident forgiveness and new car replacement services.

Additional benefits under the Value Added Endorsements include the Home Care Services section that gives you up to $2,500 to help cover vital services if you were unable to work. This would enable you to have a little extra money as you focus on your recovery. You can also get Hanover’s Additional Customized Equipment Coverage which protects the entertainment features in your automobile such as electronics and technology items used by your children.

Even during tough economic times, Hanover Insurance is known for holding steady and thriving despite market trends. For several years, Hanover was the only insurance company to see its rating improve by all three ranking establishments, A.M. Best, Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s, where it continues to enjoy an A rating.

Other Insurance Items

There may be times when it is best to combine all your insurance needs in one place. Hanover offers this option by providing coverage options for your home. With Hanover, you can opt for plans which protect your car and your home, which would be especially valuable if, for instance, your garage was damaged while your car was inside.

Hanover also offers insurance for business and valuables. In addition, they cover other types of vehicles, such as boats and company transportation autos.

Hanover Extends its Reach

When discussing insurance, every driver knows that it is about more than just policies and deductibles. Hanover Car Insurance Company also understands this and they provide support to car owners with several helpful resources.

The Hanover Car Insurance Company is a proud sponsor of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. This is an independent group dedicated to decreasing the number of fatalities and injuries which result from car crashes. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has studies, new innovations and information to make your car a safer place; you can click through to their site directly from the Hanover Car Insurance Company website.

Policy holders can take advantage of the Hanover Insurance publication “In Case of an Accident.” This guidebook might prove to be extremely beneficial; the majority of people who have an automobile accident are unaware of the correct procedures or who to call first. Having a guide right in your car which explains the process step by step could give you peace of mind- and wise assistance when you need it most.