Hagerty Insurance began in 1983 as an insurance company for owners of collectable boats and they soon became the largest insurance provider for this market. Frank and Louise Hagerty took the knowledge they acquired to move into helping people with collector car insurance, although they continue to offer collector boat insurance. Today two of their three children manage the business. Hagerty Insurance has continued to improve and grow into a leading provider of classic car insurance policies both in the United States and abroad.

Why Hagerty Collector Car Insurance?

When you own a collector car, it is important to be affiliated with companies that understand all the issues that can arise and how to best deal with them. Hagerty Insurance is that company; they speak the language of the classic car enthusiast. When you contact them about your collector automobile, no excessive explanations will be needed. This cannot always be expected when a traditional car insurance company tries to solve your classic car problems.

In the world of classic cars, the biggest topic tends to revolve around determining how much the car is worth. At Hagerty Insurance, they attempt to simplify the matter with a convenient Valuation Tool which provides owners with a portfolio of pricing and comparative information. They are especially popular with people who have large or extremely valuable collections. Hagerty insures many types of vehicles including exotic cars, antique cars, racing cars and even collector fire trucks.

If you have ever needed to have your collector car towed, you are well aware of how nerve-wracking it can be to make sure the help you receive will not cause more harm to your classic car investment. If you are insured with Hagerty, you can say goodbye to those worries! The Hagerty Plus Program is the only driver assistance plan designed specifically for collector cars. You can have peace of mind knowing that the responding repair driver has the necessary knowledge required to handle your prized vehicle with care.

The Hagerty Car Insurance Brand

Hagerty Insurance is well known through their television commercials highlighting their expertise and service. Perhaps you’ve seen their Classic Cars television show, featuring interviews with celebrity car devotees and information about various collector cars. YouTube viewers may have seen their how-to videos and buyers information guides. If you attend car shows, you might also be aware of their brand, as they are a leading sponsor of these events.

Hagerty Car Insurance Ratings

A.M. Best has given Hagerty an A rating which might explain why the owners of many of the best collector cars in the world have chosen Hagerty Insurance. This insurance company has earned numerous awards along the way, including a Small Business Award and a Better Business Bureau Best in Business Award, as well as recognition as a Best Place to Work from the Wall Street Journal.

Hagerty Serves the Collector Car Community

In addition to being the preeminent supplier of collector car insurance, Hagerty Insurance also serves as a resource for owners by offering membership in the Historic Vehicle Association. This is a group comprised of collector car club members, organizations and individuals dedicated to every aspect of the classic car market.

Hagerty also produces its own special magazine for classic car enthusiasts. The quarterly publication features articles, photos and information for classic automobile lovers. It also includes interviews with and profiles of celebrities known for their vast classic car collections such as comedian Jay Leno and author Clive Cussler.

The company also lends its support to various organizations and projects related to car collectors, such as those which provide scholarships for historic vehicle education and programs that encourage the next generation of classic car lovers. In order to further contribute to the collector car community, the Hagerty Insurance Company puts its considerable muscle behind government activism to support laws affecting collector cars. This helps to ensure that owners and their classic cars are further protected.

Who can qualify to buy Hagerty Collector Car Insurance?

There are stipulations in being insured with Hagerty Insurance. How you store your car, your driving record, how the vehicle will be used and more are all factored into any quote you receive. Most collectors car insurance policies require interior storage of the vehicle and cannot be driven on a regular basis. You also have to prove that everyone under your roof has their own regular vehicle, and no one can have more than two traffic issues. If you own a classic vehicle, you owe it to yourself to at least check out Hagerty Insurance Company for auto insurance.