Grundy Insurance has been helping people safeguard their cherished classic cars since 1947. During that time, more than one million customers have trusted the Grundy Insurance Company to provide the best options for all their collector car insurance needs.

The Grundy family has a long history of being involved with collector cars. Present owner and collector car award winner Jim Grundy traces his interest to his father, James A. Grundy, the first person to write an auto insurance policy for a classic car. Jim’s grandfather, Colonel Samuel E. Baily, is known as the first man to restore a car.

At Grundy, you can take advantage of their exclusive Motor Vehicle Program, which allows you to insure several different vehicles along with your collector car(s) under one policy, making it simple to manage all payments and paperwork. So, if you have an exotic car, a utility van and a motor home, Grundy’s got you covered. In addition, they work with you in determining the true value of your collector car.

Many drivers are not aware of the fact that there can be a significant monetary difference between agreed value, actual cash value and stated amount insurance, so Grundy works to educate the public about these terms. When you contact Grundy Collector Car Insurance Company for a consultation, they explain how this affects your coverage and how this information is used to determine the correct level of insurance you need.

Grundy is a preferred choice because they offer high deductible and liability levels, as well as auto show medical reimbursement. They also will insure any valuable you own, from jewelry to homes.

A member of the Division of Philadelphia Insurance Companies, Grundy works with many A rated insurance companies to bring their customers to bring you the very best auto rates. It is highly ranked by both insurers and customers. In addition, they were named as the Preferred Insurer of the Classic Car Club of America.

To further assist classic car lovers, Grundy offers an online Insurance Classroom for everyone. With a monthly revolving list of topics, this unique program provides customers with a better understanding of insurance issues.

Other Types of Grundy Insurance

Grundy not only insures classic road vehicles, they are also on board with policies for classic boats. This endeavor began when company president Jim Grundy was unable to find specific coverage for one of his boats. Since then, Jim Grundy has made Grundy Insurance a leading provider of boat protection, from huge yachts to racing boats.

It may surprise you to learn that Grundy is even involved in the water business. Through the Grundy National Association of Water Companies, they provide coverage to water and waste water establishments throughout the country.

Eligible Vehicles and Situations Covered by Grundy

The collector and hobby car market is larger than you might expect, with a variety of vehicles that are eligible for protection. Grundy Collector Car Insurance Company leaves no stone unturned in providing insurance options for all types of automobiles that could be considered collectable.

Grundy Collector Car Insurance coverage can even extend to the vehicle you use to transport your beloved collector car. If you tow it with a truck or move it inside a van, the truck, van or other automobile is eligible for coverage. Additionally, if you only use that vehicle for transport and not for every day driving, Grundy offers a lower rate than that given for traditional autos used for daily purposes.

Collections of vintage race cars are becoming a popular hobby and Grundy Insurance is there to provide protection. For those who actually race these automobiles at special events, Grundy offers an insurance option to protect them if they are damaged in a race.

If you have your heart set on an exotic car but are afraid to purchase it due to concern about possible damage, there is no need to worry. Grundy Car Insurance Company covers these cars also, such as Maserati, Aston Marten, Bentley and Rolls Royce.

It can sometimes be a confusing process to obtain insurance for a motor home, since it can be classified in different ways. At Grundy, they treat it as an actual home, and provide all the coverage you would need if you use it in that manner, including protection for emergency expenses, vacation liability and routine medical payments.

Motorcycles can also be a tricky area for insurance so Grundy covers them all, from street sport bikes to all-terrain vehicles and classic bikes. Even golf carts can be covered by Grundy Collector Car Insurance Company. If a vehicle can be approved for use on the road, you can have it protected by Grundy.