Grange Insurance was founded in 1935 and specialized in insurance for those living in rural areas. It offers coverage in 13 states today, including Wisconsin, Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Ohio, Minnesota, Michigan, Kentucky, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, and Georgia. In some of these states, the company achieved a top five market share.

Today, the Grange Car Insurance Company is a very diverse company offering a variety of forms of insurance coverage. It encompasses a variety of different insurance companies like Grange Property & Casualty, Integrity Mutual Insurance Company, Trustgard Insurance Co. and more.

Grange excels when it comes to claims handling. A 2008 study of policyholders found that 96% of policyholders who had had a claim would recommend Grange to others. This is a very telling statistic because realistically until a claim has been filed a consumer has little experience with how an insurer handles a tough situation. Those who have gone through the claims process and come out happy are an excellent testimony to the strength of this company.

What Grange Car Insurance Offers You

Grange Car Insurance offers the typical coverage of bodily liability and property damage liability, collision, comprehensive, personal injury protection, medical payments, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage and more for motorists in their coverage areas. Some of the extras Grange provides include coverage for CDs and tapes that are in your car, identity theft coverage, loan/lease gap coverage, and a Personal Auto Plus Protection that offers a variety of extra coverage. These offerings set Grange apart from other car insurance companies, many of whom do not offer such lucrative perks.

When it comes to discounts, the Grange Insurance Company offers the standard ones, but it also has a hybrid vehicle discount. Another one of the things that stands out with Grange is the fact that it has a Catastrophe Team, so if your vehicle claim is from a disaster, expect onsite help from an experienced insurance company in a timely manner.

Grange Car Insurance Claims Review

Grange Car Insurance states that it specializes in partnering with independent agents. They are committed to offering a hassle-free experience and an Ease of Doing Business. The company prides itself on superior claims service that is local; affordable competitive insurance products; stability and strength as a company; and flexible payment options for policyholders. Some of the company’s favorite taglines are “We all find comfort in being secure” and “Local Knowledge: More mileage from your coverage.”

Because the company focuses on pairing up with independent agents, it does not do a lot of advertising and marketing to the general public. For this reason, you will not encounter the name often in your shopping around for coverage. However, it may still be one of the most popular forms of coverage that you are offered.

What others say about Grange Car Insurance

While a company can say anything it wants about its coverage, policies and customer care, in reality what truly counts is what actual clients say. For this reason, it is important to collect information about a car insurer from clients before you purchase your next car insurance policy.

J. D. Power and Associates, in its 2011 Auto Insurance Provider Ratings study of real clients, gave Grange Insurance three out of five on overall satisfaction, policy offerings, and contacting the insurer, which are about average ratings. It received only two out of five on pricing and billing and payment, making it below average in these areas. This annual survey of actual policyholders is a very valuable piece of information when it comes to choosing the company you want for your car insurance coverage.

The other valuable information that consumers should look at is how economically stable a company is, so you have peace of mind that the insurer will be around for a while. Getting ratings from one of the independent insurance rating companies can provide this information. Grange Insurance received an A- for its financial strength rating from A.M. Best. The outlook for the future of this company’s financial strength is stable, indicating that it is indeed a good choice for your car insurance needs.

Another vote of confidence when it comes to Grange Insurance is the fact that the Better Business Bureau has listed Grange Insurance as an accredited business. This is a plus for anyone looking for a good solid car insurance company. The more accreditations a company gets from organizations such as these watchdog-type companies, the better it is for them.

With more than 75 years in the business, Grange Insurance is a great choice for many car owners in one of the 13 states where coverage is offered. Making the decision to choose a policy from Grange Insurance is one you can make confidently because the company’s reputation is solid and reliable.