GMAC car insurance is offered under the umbrella of Ally Financial. Based in Winston-Salem, NC, GMAC Insurance was founded in 1939 and was originally named Motors Insurance Corporation. It is unique in that it is the only American insurer to have derived from the car industry. It offers coverage throughout the United States.

The company has been passed around and sold to a variety of organizations. Presently it is focusing on different insurance options, including auto, home, RV, motorcycle, and commercial vehicle insurance, amongst others. You can even get Mexico car insurance and Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans from GMAC.

GMAC Car Insurance Options

GMAC car insurance offers you the options that all good car insurance companies do. They can provide you with a simple liability policy to meet the minimum requirements set by the state you live in. Alternatively, they can provide a full coverage policy with options like collision, comprehensive, medical payments, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, personal injury protection, rental reimbursement and more. Collector/classic car insurance is also offered by GMAC insurance through Hagerty Insurance.

While GMAC offers all the standard discounts that you would expect to find for auto insurance, there are additional SmartDiscounts offered. They include a discount for GM and GMAC customers, a GM loyalty discount if all your cars are GM models, OnStar subscriber discounts, GM supplier discounts, and a GM family discount for employees, retired employees, and their extended families. All these discounts can add up to significant savings for anyone looking for coverage.

Another aspect of GMAC insurance is call SmartServices and is meant to offer you safety, convenience, and flexibility. It includes lifetime guarantees on collision repairs made at specified shops, a second inspection following the repair to ensure quality, claims satisfaction guarantee, valet service, replacement assistance for vehicles that are totaled and extra coverage for customized accessories and equipment on your vehicle.

The aspects of GMAC car insurance that truly stand out are the extras that no one else has, especially when it comes to GM vehicles and GM family members. If you are a GM fan, this may be the perfect car insurance policy for you.

GMAC Car Insurance Marketing

When it comes to advertising, you do not see much in terms of GMAC car insurance advertising. Essentially, it seems that their primary way to advertise or to get new policyholders is through brokers and agents. They do promote themselves as offering affordable insurance quotes.

However, GMAC car insurance’s only other real promotion is geared to insuring DUI drivers with the slogan “get back on the road and on with your life…” Offering DUI drivers coverage at a more affordable rate than most car insurance issuers is a great way to build loyalty and is something that will quickly set GMAC apart from other insurance companies.

Ratings for GMAC Car Insurance

As you look around for the best possible car insurance plan to meet your needs, it is important to check out the company you are considering. Luckily, there are many avenues available to you in order to get the information you need about what others are saying.

In the 2011 Auto Insurance Provider Ratings study, J. D. Power and Associates gave GMAC a two out of five on overall satisfaction, billing and payment, contacting the insurer, and policy offerings. This places it in the worst performing 30% in these categories. Pricing however, received an average rating of three out of five. All these ratings were completed by actual policy holders.

The other thing that is important to check out when shopping for car insurance policies is the economic future of the insurer, because you don’t want to pay premiums to a company that may never be able to pay out claims if they arise. A.M. Best, one of the best independent insurance ratings firms, rates GMAC Insurance Company an A- in terms of its financial strength. The future outlook for this firm is deemed to be stable. These determinations should give you confidence in your choices for car insurance coverage.

Be sure to do your homework if you are in the market for car insurance. Take the time to learn what really sets a company apart from the others and what consumers and the professionals say about it. By learning such things, you will be equipped to make the right decision.

The GMAC car insurance policy is perfect for anyone who has only GM cars, who loves GM products or has or will continue to work there. The GMAC car insurance policy has options true GMAC fans would enjoy and be eligible for.