The Ford Focus Electric is not the only Ford Focus on the market, but its 2012 electric model is the only option that has an electric engine. Edmunds notes the electric version of the car comes in a five-door hatchback style with a plenty of advanced features for comfort, entertainment, and safety such as satellite radio, input for iPod, bluetooth capabilities, heated mirrors and more.

Traction control, stability control and a navigation system are also part of the mix. However, the advanced features and electric engine do not come without a price, a price that Edmunds puts at nearly $40,000.

What are other Ford Focus options?

If the nearly $40,000 price tag is too much, you can always opt for the non-electric version of the 2012 Ford Focus which has been ranked at the top of the list of Affordable Small Cars. Go with traditional gasoline rather than electricity and the car is in the number four slot out of 40 affordable small cars on Edmunds’ affordability list.

Fords’ revamping of the 2012 model hopes to get the Focus back into the consumer focus, as sales had dropped off dramatically since its popularity immediately following its 2000 debut. The 2012 Ford Focus comes with a new design and other updated features that have earned it high praise from reviewers.

The upgraded body style is now either a four-door sedan or five-door hatchback, each with a choice of different trims. The sedan has four trim choices available; they are S, SE, SEL, and Titanium while the hatchback has three trim levels, from SE to Titanium. Basics that grace both styles include a telescopic and tilt steering wheel and an audio/music system that includes a CD player, MP3 compatibility, and AM/FM radio.

How does the Focus compare to other small cars?

Rankings for the 2012 Focus are on the higher end of the scale for performance and exterior. It merits a very good with 8.4 in performance and 8.5 in exterior design. Although reviewers note the 2012 model is more enjoyable to drive that its earlier versions, they also note the Mazda3 performs a bit better on the road. Updates to the Focus’s exterior look were received with praise, with the sportier hatchback earning the higher praise over the four-door sedan. The interior ranked an overall good, but it’s the safety arena where the Focus stands out with an impressive ranking of excellent.

How safe is the Ford Focus Electric?

The 2012 Focus earned honors as the Top Safety Pick from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS), and the federal government gives it good marks, too. The IIHS was particularly impressed with the vehicle’s crash protection for the rear, front offset and sides as well as the car’s roof strength, ranking it good in all of those categories. The federal government gave the car five out of five stars for crash test side safety and four stars for crash test front and rollover safety.

Advanced safety features included in the 2012 Ford Focus are technologically advanced side restrains and equally advanced front airbags that have vents to decrease the pressure in case smaller passengers are along for the ride. MyKey has also been included in the 2012 Ford, which is a manufacturer’s safety feature designed to minimize distractions for teen drivers. Features of the MyKey system include a volume control limit on the music, automatic shut-off on the music until passengers in the front put on their seatbelts, a top speed limit of 80 mph, systems that alert the driver when specific speeds are reached and when the gas tank is nearly empty and more.

How much is car insurance for a Ford Focus Electric?

While no average insurance rate were readily available specifically for the Ford Focus Electric, previous models of the traditional-fueled Focus made the list of the most expensive vehicles to insure. The 2007 Ford Focus came in as number seven on the list of costly insurance rates, behind the Dodge Ram pickup, Chevy Silverado pickup, Toyota Prius, Honda Accord, Nissan Altima and Toyota Corolla.

The average annual insurance premium for the most basic Ford Focus S is an estimated $1,387 while the snazzier Ford Focus SEL merits an annual premium of about $1,486. Considerations that can lead to a higher insurance premium may include a high cost of repairs and high instances of theft. Another factor is the number of injuries associated with passengers of the vehicle. The Ford Focus has a high safety rating, but the Electric also has a very high price tag.

What’s the Ford Focus Electric’s warranty and dependability?

All versions of the 2012 Focus comes with the standard warranty, giving you three years or 36,000 miles worth of driving with bumper-to-bumper coverage and five years or 60,000 miles on the powertrain. J.D. Power and Associates ranked the 2007 and 2008 Ford Focus Electric for dependability after three years of driving. As a brand new model, the electric version has not yet had specific dependability tests, but the similar options and design are likely to produce similar results.

The overall dependability for the 2007 was three out of five, which rose by a half-point to 3.5 out of five for the 2008 model. Powertrain dependability ranked 3.5 on both models while the 2008 outscored the 2007 by a half-point with 3.5 for feature and accessory dependability and body and interior dependability.