The 2012 Ford Focus has gotten a lot of buzz for its sporty new design. Ford released their European version to the U.S market with a price point of $16,500 – $22,700. The only question now is how much insurance will run you on this car? The average driver can expect to pay around $1,550 a year for full coverage.

While the type of car you choose makes a huge impact on how much you will pay for insurance it is not the only factor. To get the lowest rates you need to maintain a good driving record. Other factors beyond your control will include age and location.

Make sure you shop around for insurance. Many companies are now offering more discounts than ever before and you can even find discounts for simply buying online or going paperless. Some companies offer new car discounts or higher savings if you bundle policies with them. Do not choose based on discounts alone though compare coverage as well.

What safety features come on the Ford Focus?

The 2012 model has received high marks for safety including four stars from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It got the highest ratings available from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety as well. The Focus tested good in front, side, rear crash tests, and rollovers, in addition to handling with its electronic stability control.

So what features make it so safe? Well, it has next generation airbags with shoulder vents to reduce pressure on impact for smaller passengers. The Focus also has an improved chest protection for drivers and a new side restraint system.

The 2012 model comes with options like rain sensing wipers, security systems, and parking assist but one of the most impressive new safety options available to the Focus is MyKey. This technology helps teen drivers stay safe. It includes features such as belt reminder that chimes and mutes audio until they buckle up, a radio volume control while they are driving and restricts speed to less than 80 mph.

Safety features can make a huge difference in your car insurance rates. Auto insurance companies offer discounts for passive restraints, air bags, anti-theft devices and many vehicle safety devices. Ask your provider about what features they give discounts for.

What options can you find on the Ford Focus?

The 2012 Ford Focus comes in seven trim levels depending on if you want a sedan or hatchback. Each level has its own set of standard features, which can include things like Advance Trac stability, 16-inch steel wheels, and MyKey. Many features come standard but may be optional on some levels.

Ford offers two different radio packages. You can choose satellite or HD. You can also get Ford Sync which allows you to connect deices through an USB port. It also includes six speakers and a rear 12-volt power outlet.

Another package available on the Focus is the Ford Touch. This feature includes touch screen entertainment, navigation system and ten premium speakers with a subwoofer including both HD and satellite radio.

You can also find a variety of exterior and interior design features. This includes things like leather seats, armrest storage, rear spoiler, and heated seats and mirrors. Some models even offer interior sport styling to match the exterior paint color.

When shopping for features remember that they raise the value of the car. While for resale, this is a good thing but for insurance, it can cost you more. Insurance companies use the value of the car to determine premiums. They will give you higher rates because if the car is a total loss, it will cost them more to pay out. In most cases, the difference will not be significant but you can talk to your provider before adding options.

What can I expect to pay for car insurance on the new Ford Focus Electric car?

Ford has announced the release of their fully electric Focus model coming available soon. Going green may cost you more though. The starting price on the 2012 model will be around $39,000. Car insurance premiums for this Focus are going to be higher too. The average driver can expect to pay about $1,800 a year.

The electric model will come with many of the optional features found on the traditional focus. These features include sync technology and Ford Touch. Owners may also qualify for up to $7,500 in tax incentives.

The Ford Focus electric model has a one-speed transmission. The battery can be fully charged in three to four hours. It has an interface to allow drivers to monitor battery charge while driving. It also has interactive phone app. The app allows you to monitor charging and set start time temperature. This feature allows you to conserve battery charge by warming the car up while it is still plugged in.

Since the car does not run on gas, you will need to have a charging station installed at your home. You may also need to upgrade your circuit board. Public charging stations are new to the market and prices are not yet regulated. The cost to charge will depend on the owner and how long it takes to recharge your battery.