The 2012 Ford Fiesta comes in six model types and is available as a hatchback or sedan. Depending on the model you select the car insurance rates can vary, but luckily not by much.

The 2012 Ford Fiesta S sedan costs approximately $1,235 per year to insure, while the next model, the Fiesta SE sedan is slightly higher; this model averages about $1,240 annually. The final 2012 Ford Fiesta sedan is the SEL and this is the most expensive of the three. The SEL sedan will cost the average consumer around $1,291 each year.

The 2012 Ford Fiesta hatchback models include the S, the SE, and the SES. The Fiesta S is very close in price with the S sedan. You can expect to pay $1,225 a year for this model. The Fiesta SE is slightly higher with an average rate of $1,251 and the Fiesta SES costs the most. To ensure this vehicle, you will be expected to pay at least $1,289 a year.

Which Ford Fiesta costs the most to purchase?

The 2012 Ford Fiesta SES hatchback is the most expensive model with an MSRP of approximately $17,500 to $17,795. The price increases with additional options and upgrades. Your average monthly payment for financing this vehicle is about $273 per month and a leased SES hatchback will cost approximately $178 per month.

The remaining models are all comparably priced and quite affordable, considering how energy efficient they are. The next model closest in price with the SES is the SEL sedan. The average cost for this style is $16,895. The monthly cost to finance is $259 and to lease it is $169. The Fiesta SE hatchback follows with an average price of $15,965. Monthly car insurance rates are $245 and $160 respectively for financing or leasing.

The 2012 Fiesta SE sedans and S hatchbacks cost between $14,695 and 14,965; only a $300 difference. Their monthly rates are very similar as well. The SE costs $231 to finance and $154 to lease. While the S hatchback costs $222 per month to finance and $148 per month to lease.

The 2012 Fiesta S sedan is the least expensive. The cost drops to $13,495. The monthly rate for financing is only $209 per month and leasing is even lower, averaging approximately $142 for 39 months.

What special features are available on the Ford Fiesta?

Every 2012 Ford Fiesta is able to achieve 29 miles per gallon while driving around in the city and an incredible 39 miles per gallon on the highway. You have the advantage of acquiring a vehicle that is economical and stylish because the Ford Fiesta has excellent standard features. Some of the more popular include:

Push button ignition – An excellent safety feature that allows you to unlock your vehicle and start it too. You don’t need a key to complete either task; simply use the remote to open the door and once inside, depress the pedal and push the start or engine button.

Message center – An LCD screen measuring four inches in height acts as the message center and command control. From here, you can review all of your display items, like your entertainment system.

Satellite radio – You can hear new music, news, and sports broadcasts that are only available on SiriusXM Satellite free for six months. With this subscription, access to commercial free information is available anytime.

Advanced technology – The 2012 Ford Fiesta models all come equipped with the SYNC AppLink, which allows the users to make phone calls, listen to text messages and music without taking your hands off the steering wheel. Everything can be completed with the sound of your voice and according to your specifications.

What kind of warranty does the Ford Fiesta come with?

Every 2012 Ford Fiesta comes with a warranty that is very comparable. The best features are listed below:

Three years or 36,000 miles for bumper-to-bumper coverage.

Any mechanical failures that occur within the first three years of ownership or during the first 36,000 miles will be covered under the warranty; repairs will be done free of charge. Considering the average costs to replace automobile parts, this is an great benefit.

Five years or 60,000 miles for powertrain coverage

The powertrain includes the engine, transmission and other components that generate power to the vehicle. This is an exception value.

Five years or 60,000 miles for safety restraint coverage

Seat belts, air bags and other safety restraints are included. Should your air bags fail to deploy or seat belts stop functioning properly, you can report to any certified dealer for free repairs or replacements.

Five years or 60,000 miles of free roadside assistance

Running out of gas, flat tires or other emergencies are covered. Anytime you need help, just make a call and someone will come to your aid.

Five years or 60,000 miles of corrosion protection

Harmful pollutants in our environment have made it necessary for automobile manufacturers to protect the exterior from things like acid rain and other harmful agents. If your vehicle begins to show signs of wear from corrosion, your warranty will provide you with options to repair the damage.

The 2012 Ford Fiesta is a vehicle with a good price and exceptional features. When combined, this makes a good value. The great MPG rating makes this car easy on gas and light on your wallet. Anyone looking for a new car will do well to research the Ford Fiesta, especially if you enjoy substance and style. The 2012 Ford Fiesta is likely to please even the fussiest consumer and win them over.