Farmers Car Insurance has been around since 1928 and began with automobile insurance. It has since diversified, but still remains very active in the car insurance industry. It is now the fifth largest car insurance provider in the nation with over 15 million customers in 41 states, served by approximately 20,000 employees. It is committed to providing the best experience and value to every client.

Based in California, Farmers Insurance is a division of Zurich Financial Services Group. Farmers Insurance also owns and operates 21st Century Insurance, as well as a variety of other exchanges listed under the Farmers group. This conglomeration of companies allows Farmers to offer a variety of different types of coverage to appeal to many people.

What Farmers Car Insurance Offers You

Farmers Car Insurance offers the standard liability insurance options including bodily injury and property damage, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, medical payments, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage and much more. It offers the no-fault or tort forms of coverage that are needed in different states and can ensure that you get the perfect kind of insurance to meet your needs. It also offers the usual types of discounts on coverage as well as extra discounts for those who are retired or work in certain professions.

One of the exciting programs that Farmers offers is called Farmers Flex. It provides for accident forgiveness if you have been accident-free in the previous three years. This helps to keep the cost of coverage down to a more reasonable level. It also provides you with a New Car Pledge, which is essentially providing brand new replacement cost on the complete loss of a car that is less than two years old and has less than 24,000 miles on it, giving policyholders an unparalleled peace of mind.

Farmers Car Insurance also offers collector car insurance for a variety of vehicles from classics and muscle cars to modifieds and foreign sports cars. Practically any type of collectible car, not covered by regular insurance, is eligible for this special coverage. This type of specialty insurance is unusually generous and covers spare parts, offers customized policies, does not deny coverage based on mileage and charges no deductible, making it a very enticing plan.

What Farmers Car Insurance Says About Farmers Car Insurance

The ads that Farmers car insurance have focused on in recent history have been those that demonstrate the history of the company. They talk about the reliable choices the company has made with its investment strategies throughout the years. These ads are very simple but effective in convincing others that the company is one that can meet their needs.

Other ads that Farmers Insurance has done recently are ones that demonstrate the extensive knowledge the company agents have. These are the very dramatic and the entertaining University of Farmers ads. In these ads, we see the type of information that professionals teach newer agents and individuals coming into the company. The conclusion of these ads with the chant of “We are farmers” makes them stand out and be even more recognizable.

The age of the company and its sheer size are factors that make it stand out from all the rest in the marketplace, as well as its unique ads. These factors are definitely things that could make one look at the company even more favorably!

What Others Say About Farmers Car Insurance

When you are on the lookout for a new car insurance policy, it pays to get solid information from reliable sources. According to the J. D. Power and Associates 2011 National Auto Insurance Study, Farmers ranked two out of five in overall satisfaction, according to its customers. This means that this insurance company is in the bottom 30% reviewed by consumers. It also received two out of five on pricing, policy offerings, and billing and payment. When it came to contacting the insurer, Farmers received an about average three out of five. While these rankings are not top-notch, they are not the worst they could do. A few disgruntled employees could easily cause this drop in popularity.

The other thing that is important to check when shopping for car insurance is the company’s economic stability rating. This information can be obtained from Standard & Poor’s or Moody’s. Another of the other top independent insurance ratings companies with this information, A.M. Best rates the Farmers Insurance Group an A, with a stable outlook in regards to its financial strength. This is a very favorable rating and one that you should be proud of.

For anyone who lives in one of the 41 states served by Farmers Car Insurance, a policy from this particular car insurance company would be a great investment. Stability, strength, and enticing extras make the auto insurance policies offered by Farmers a great option.