Electric Car Insurance Company has been providing automobile insurance since 1966 and was originally formed by employees of General Electric for their exclusive use. Their main headquarters is located in Beverly, Massachusetts Over 40 years later; Electric Car Insurance now offers more than 135,000 policyholders some of the most comparable rates of the heavyweights, like State Farm and Allstate.

Because the Electric Car Insurance Company has ties to General Electric, they have the financial background that growing companies require for success. To date, Electric is responsible for managing over $180 million in personal premium policies in all 50 states.

They are known for their reliable and courteous customer service department that guarantees results. One example is their response time to inquiries; any customer who submits an email to their specialized team receives an answer or update within two hours.

Electric Car Insurance Company is constantly looking for ways to serve their customers better and they make it easy for you to obtain a car insurance policy. You can work with an independent agent, apply via their website or call a toll free number. Either way, you will receive basic coverage options as well as special discounts.

Description of Car Insurance Options

Electric Car Insurance offers extra special options to General Electric employees. If you are a full-time employee, working 32 hours or more, you can qualify to receive assistance like the PEL or Personal Excess Liability policy. This benefit gives you access to a personal injury attorney if you are targeted for a lawsuit. No other insurance company can make this claim.

They also provide employees with an Umbrella Protection Plan. Not only are you taken care of in the event of an accident, but it also protects you against legal costs, any money awarded to the plaintiff and the settlement fees. The cost for both of these options is minimal with neither costing over $200 per year.

Employees receive relocation assistance services that help when you move. They research your new city or state and provide you with all of the requirements. They set up your discounts, advise of car inspection regulations, and give you information about the vehicle registration process.

Another non-traditional type of benefit is tenant’s insurance. Most are familiar with homeowner’s insurance but, as a member of the Electric Insurance family, you can qualify for discounts if you rent an apartment too. Typically called, renter’s insurance, their rates are phenomenally low, starting at just $129 per year.

Electric Insurance Company has an extremely interactive website where you can complete virtually any task. The Learning & Planning section provides you with tips and resources to keep you safe on the road while the Customer Service tab houses all of your personal preferences. From there, you can manage your account, download the iPhone App, and send messages to your agent.

Company Statistics

Electric Car Insurance Company employs thousands across the country. The agents and brokers, customer service representatives and specialized technicians are all trained to provide their customers with the “always on”‘ philosophy.

This means they provide round the clock service and exceed customer expectations. Almost 95% of their customers are referred by General Electric employees and of those referred, 99% admit they will renew their policy.

Electric Car Insurance Company is known as the “always on,” insurance group that focuses on five main values: responsibility, integrity, commitment, customer focus, and customer care. They are always available, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, including holidays. This is what their motto means.

Aside from their catchy motto, their website remains their main advertising mechanism. Customers are urged to setup an online account while they are working with their agent or representative. Electric Car Insurance gives their customers control over the way they manage their accounts.

Financial and Consumer Ratings

Electric Car Insurance Company has rated very well with A.M. Best and Standard and Poor’s. A.M. Best rated Electric with an A, which is only two steps away from the superior A++. Standard and Poor’s grading system begins with AAA and slowly declines. They graded Electric with an A as well. Since each rating company bases their scores on how well Electric performs financially, this means they are meeting and in many cases, exceeding their obligations to both their customers and their employees.

Electric Car Insurance Company is rated highly among their customers for overall satisfaction; 99% of the customers surveyed admitted they would refer their friends and family members. They have also been recognized as the most committed company by the American Business Awards Association.

In other customer satisfaction ratings with scores ranging from 1-5, 5 being the best, Electric Car Insurance Company scores four out of five consistently. Customers appreciate their attention to detail when responding to inquiries and find the claim process to be fast and easy to understand.