Eastwood Car Insurance Company established in 1989 in Anaheim Hills, California has been in business for 23 years. They provide car insurance for people who can’t find coverage because of their driving record. Countless DUI violations or other infractions can label you high risk and make it extremely challenging when looking for car insurance. This is where Eastwood excels.

Eastwood Car Insurance Company became a subsidiary of Nationwide Insurance after being purchased by Titan Auto Insurance, but they continue to maintain their own, independent financial structure.

Description of Car Insurance Options

When looking to acquire a policy, there are two options, access the website via the Internet or call customer service. If you choose to go online, beware, it is extremely limited. You can request a free quote, but once you enter your zip code, you may be routed to a national site. This happens if you do not reside in their service area.

Contacting the Eastwood Car Insurance Company by telephone is the best way to inquire about the levels of coverage. They even have Spanish-speaking agents, which shows their diversity and dedication to employing those who reside in the same community.

Eastwood Car Insurance Company offers comparable coverage for those who are difficult to insure, but to confirm the packages available; you must speak with a representative. Even requesting a quote online will not guarantee adequate coverage, as a non-standard auto insurer, they rely on consumer contact.

Because Eastwood Car Insurance Company relies heavily brokers to close each deal, they are trained extensively in areas like, finance and customer service. Unlike some insurance agents who can only provide the most basic information.

Eastwood Car Insurance Company Statistics

The Eastwood Car Insurance Company quickly capitalized on their name by choosing a gunslinger cowboy as their mascot. Their commercials feature an actor by the name of Jason Jacobs who consistently placed himself in precarious situations; the most popular is the shower scene. In addition to the play on words, Eastwood also adopted their catch phrase, “Should’a, could’a, Eastwood’a.”

Although somewhat cheesy, this advertising tactic appealed to masses in a most effective way. They reported annual gross earnings of $30 million and grew from issuing policies in three states to 15 in five short years. They accomplished their goal of drawing customers away from large, traditional insurance companies by carving out their own unique market niche.

Eastwood Car Insurance Company does utilize social media to advertise, but it is very infrequent. They are more often located on You Tube or Hulu due to the hilarious television commercials they create.

To better serve their customers, Eastwood Car Insurance Company employs over 420 specialized agents and brokers. They have over 47 agencies within the select regions where they operate. This allows them to develop with their partners to increase their service areas to include all 50 states.

Eastwood Insurance Credit Ratings

Eastwood Car Insurance Company has received ratings from A.M. Best and Standard and Poor’s. They all use financial information to determine the financial stability of certain companies. While Eastwood is a fairly new insurance company and has associations with AIG, they were not impacted by the fallout of the 2008 recession and as a result, their earnings remained strong.

In calculating the strength of an insurance company, they consider factors like total revenue and debt. Companies with solid quarterly earnings and very little outstanding debts are graded highest. They have demonstrated their ability to manage funds appropriately, while increasing the monetary value of the company.

A.M. Best has given Eastwood Car Insurance Company a grade of A+. This is considered superior. The grades run from A++ to D, being the lowest. While the Eastwood Car Insurance can certainly improve to an A++, this is an excellent grade. A.M. Best has long been respected as an authority in judging the financial well-being of a company.

Standard & Poor’s is another well-respected rating company that uses a grading system. They differ from A.M. Best because they do not use a plus to indicate the levels. For example, the best rating available from Standard & Poor’s is AAA. Most consumers are used to this type of grading system. Eastwood Car Insurance Company received an A, or strong grade.

Eastwood Insurance Customer Reviews

Eastwood customers were surveyed on four separate factors: customer service, cost, coverage, and claims. They received an average of 3.5 for overall satisfaction. Individually, coverage and customer service rated highest, followed by cost and claim process.

Those who rated Eastwood low in the claims process complained about the website and the amount of time it took for a return call or follow-up. They also expressed concerns regarding limited areas in other sections of the United States. While Eastwood is an excellent insurance provider with specialized features, some customers feel they can improve in these areas, which is typical of really any car insurance company. The Eastwood car insurance company is certainly still a good choice for many drivers.