Auto insurance policies are specific to the state that they’re written in. State law determines the way some coverage applies to a policy and certain coverage is not available in all areas. Additionally, the minimum insurance requirements vary from one state to the next. This is why it’s important to update your insurance policy whenever you move to a new state.

Although car insurance varies from one state to the next, it’s usually not necessary to change your insurance company or cancel the policy unless you want to. Most auto insurance companies write policies nationwide, so changing insurance after you move is often as easy as contacting the insurance company and requesting the change.

Should I call my insurance company even if I’m moving within state?

It’s a good idea to update your contact information with your insurance company any time that you move, even if you’re staying in the same state or even city. Even if you receive billing statements electronically, your insurance company will need to know where you live in order to adjust your rates. Car insurance premiums vary from one neighborhood to the next within a given city, and if a vehicle is not being kept at the address on the policy, it can generate an underwriting referral. This could lead to a rate increase or even fraud investigations.

The insurance company also needs to know where you live in order to issue claims settlement checks or other important claim-related documents. Your contact information is also vital for helping other insurance companies locate and contact you in event of a claim; if your insurance is not up to date with the information on your vehicle’s registration, it may be hard to find you with a DMV search. This could lead to processing delays for a claim.

How do I find a new car insurance agent?

Whenever you move to a new area, you will need to change your insurance agent if you are accustomed to working with one. Most car insurance companies will have multiple agencies in any area where the policy is available so there will probably be a variety of new agents to choose from.

You can ask your current agent if they have any referrals to your new area. Some agencies may be able to refer you to people across the country and transfer your policy information to the agent of your choice. If not, you can search or agents online or ask friends and family for suggestions.

Of course, you can also utilize your car insurance company’s website and toll-free number for billing, claims, customer service and more. By handling your policy directly, you are often able to make changes immediately without waiting for business hours. You’re also ensured that you can access your policy anywhere even if there is no local insurance agent to help you.

Most insurance companies offer customer service this way. If your insurer only offers service or claims through an agent’s office, you can choose whether to remain with that company when you move and find a new agent, or search for a new insurance company that does not rely as heavily on agencies.

What if my car insurance company does not offer coverage in my new state?

Some auto insurance companies sell policies only in limited areas. If your insurance company does not offer policies where you are moving then its time find a new a new provider.  You will usually have about 30 days after moving to a new state to transfer your registration and obtain a new insurance policy.

Your current auto insurance agent may be able to refer you to another company. Some of the larger car insurance companies have subsidiaries in multiple states even if the main company doesn’t service a particular area. If you would rather use a new company, you can find an affordable insurer by searching online. Be sure to provide your newest and most current address when submitting the form for a quote; this will help ensure any policy quote is accurate and up-to-date contact information is put on file with the new insurer.

Moving to a new place is a great opportunity to try a new insurance company and comparing auto insurance quotes online is one of the best ways to find affordable rates!