Direct General Car Insurance Company has been in business since 1991. Their main office is located in Nashville, Tennessee and, for over 20 years, they have specialized in providing affordable car insurance to consumers who are deemed high risk. They are a private company, not publicly traded.

Typically, a high-risk driver is someone who has not exhibited responsible behavior behind the wheel. They may have accumulated violations, multiple car accidents or failed to pay their monthly premium. . Even young drivers are considered less desirable because of their limited driving history.

Direct General Car Insurance Company excels at meeting the needs of people who have a less than perfect driving record and unlike other car insurance companies; they never consider your credit score as a reason to deny you coverage.

Direct General Car Insurance Company is licensed in Texas, Virginia, Arkansas, Louisiana, Illinois, Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

What kind of car insurance can I buy from Direct General?

Direct General Car Insurance Company offers standard coverage options, like liability and collision, but their most unique feature lies in their payment plan options. You can customize your payments to fit your budget by choosing your payment date, schedule, and monthly payment amounts.

Other special features Direct General Car Insurance Company offers include tax preparation services and prepaid debit cards. With hundreds of locations within the area, you can easily schedule an appointment to have your financial needs taken care of quickly and efficiently with your personal agent. You can contact the customer service department 24-hours a day.

Direct General Car Insurance has an interactive website where customers can make payments and renew their policies; however, it is limited. Unlike traditional, standard car insurance companies where you can initiate your policy, choose options and coverage begins immediately, Direct General Car Insurance Company still relies on their customer service call center to personally assist their customers.

By calling 1-877-GO DIRECT or 1-877-463-4732, you will be immediately routed to a trained, professional who will go over coverage options and begin building your policy and adding any special features. Once you are a member, you can access the website and setup your account for payment purposes.

Direct General Company Statistics

Although Direct General Insurance Company does not offer services nationwide, they do write auto policies in 12 states within the Southeastern region of the United States and have over 500 branches for convenience. They also have a regional call center where you can call for assistance any time, day, or night. They never outsource their calls so every customer is guaranteed to reach a local representative.

Direct General Insurance Company employs over 2,400 specialized agents who are trained to provide multiple options to each customer they encounter. This is one of the reasons why they have reported earnings of over $500 million between 1991 and 2007. Constant growth continued over the years; currently, Direct General Insurance Company reports earning $450 million dollars annually.

Direct General Insurance Company does not use mass media tactics to reach new customers. They rely on their community presence to spread the word. Their sponsorship with TNA Entertainment in 2001 put them in a position to appeal to customers in a more casual way; having their logo prominently displayed during wrestling events brought awareness to consumers.

They also use social media outlets, especially LinkedIn, which contains more professionals and entrepreneurs than Facebook or Twitter. Their profile on LinkedIn provides a basic overview of the company and explains their vision; you can even sign-up to follow their progress and receive communication via email.

Financial Ratings

Direct General is not listed with J.D. Power so the ratings are not available. There are, however, ratings from A.M. Best, the most recognized credit rating agency, since 1906. Millions of consumers and merchants rely on the accuracy of A.M. Best to determine the financial strength of the companies they report on. Their ratings are independent and non-biased, based solely on creditworthiness.

A.M. Best’s rating scale is dependent on a variety of factors including, outstanding debt, credit rating, size of company and location. Because large corporations employing thousands, earns substantially more than a small or mid-size company, they place each in categories. They span from Class I to Class XV; this is how their ratings remain fair and impartial.

According to A.M. Best, Direct General Car Insurance Company rates a BB+. Considering the scale ranges from A++ to D, BB+ may not seem terribly concerning. However, it is far from superior. While their revenue has increased steadily over the years, they have had issues with their finances, specifically in the area of underwriting and this has limited their profile in the business world.

Nevertheless, because Direct General Car Insurance has low operating costs, ample risk adjustment capitalization and a firm foothold in non-standard automobile insurance, they were able to retain their current rating with A.M. Best for the past few years.