The Deerbrook Car Insurance Company was founded in 1996 in Northbrook, Illinois and operated as a private company until June 6, 2011 when they changed their name to Allstate Vehicle and Property Insurance Company. Currently, they are considered a principal subsidiary of Allstate and are fully licensed to write automobile insurance policies in all 50 states.

During their 15 years of independence, the Deerbrook Car Insurance Company placed their focus in three specific areas: customer service, auto safety, and reliable protection. They also believed in being proactive and trained each agent to provide their customers with tips and resources to help increase awareness of defensive driving.

Originally, their customer base was mainly comprised of consumers who preferred to work with independent agents that provided personalized service. Now that the Deerbrook Car Insurance Company is a part of the Allstate family, each policyholder is also a member and eligible to receive the benefits of a large company, while utilizing individual agents who ensure trust and reliability.

Deerbrook Car Insurance Options

Deerbrook Car Insurance Company offers non-standard policies to high-risk consumers who may have multiple accidents or violations. They also accept new drivers and customers who own high-performance and exotic luxury vehicles. The company is very different in their methods and does not list its products or services their website. You must call a toll free number and speak to an agent directly for more information.

Fortunately, Deerbrook Car Insurance Company has agents that are familiar with Allstate policies and options. They are able to find coverage that is suited for anyone who is having trouble finding adequate car insurance at a comparable rate.

Outside Statistics

The Deerbrook Car Insurance Company facility is extremely small and employs only seven people. They also have a tiny corporate structure, with four executives overseeing the finances. However, as a partner of Allstate, they have access to well over 12,000 independent insurance agencies and more than 2,700 brokers who deliver the same level of excellence.

Deerbrook Car Insurance Company customers are also a part of the Allstate, Good Hands People philosophy. This means three things: every member has access to professional customer service claims representatives; 24-hour support worldwide, and over 75 years of dedication and experience in the insurance industry.

Marketing Strategy

Clever television commercials are one of the top ways Allstate appeals to customers; currently, there are two. One features actor, Dennis Haysbert, whose pitch is towards savings and convenience. The other features Dean Winters, an actor who plays Mr. Mayhem, a spin on destruction and the necessity of having adequate auto insurance. The common factor being, “You’re in Good Hands with Allstate.”

Social media outlets, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and You Tube serve as excellent platforms for advertising too. The Internet has become the fastest way to promote products and Allstate leads the way as the #2 insurance company in the United States.

Allstate uses their blog specially designed for members to provide updates. Here you can login and engage in discussions with other policyholders, check for special events and get tips on all things auto and more. They even have an area for teens and distracted drivers; just another way Allstate displays their dedication to customer safety and awareness.

Awards and Recognition

Allstate has led the insurance industry for almost 20 years, since 1993 when they became a public company. Adding Deerbrook Car Insurance Company to their list of subsidiaries in 2011 allowed them to grow exponentially and increase their revenue by over 6% during the first year.

In addition to their financial growth, they have been recognized as pioneers in the areas of diversity; over 20% of their employees are women. This is why they were listed as one of the top 50 companies to work for by the Diversity MBA Magazine between 2007 and 2010. During 2003 through 2007, they also ranked within the top 10 companies for African Americans to work.

Surprisingly, J.D. Powers does not show very favorable ratings for Allstate customers. In fact, out of five stars, they received only two for overall satisfaction. The ratings were based on five factors: call center representative, insurer website, local agent, policy offerings and price. Local agent availability and policy offers rated higher individually, receiving three stars; the remaining three scored only two each.

A.M. Best scored them much higher; this may be due to the way they rate companies. While J.D. Power relies on surveys from customer reviews, A.M. Best bases their scores on the financial stability of a company. Allstate fared much better in this category, having reported strong earnings during 2011 totaling $1.32 per share for an incredible $25.9 billion in revenue.

Because financial growth was stable in 2011, A.M. Best issued Allstate a score of A+; only a grade of A++ is higher. This means Allstate is more than able to meet the financial needs of their customers, while increasing their market value.