The CSAA – California State Auto Association is not new to the automobile insurance industry. Established in December of 1900, they have well over 110 years of knowledge and experience. Originally formed out of the necessity to allow automobiles to pass through common areas, chauffeurs and invited guests met on the fourth floor of a room in the now famed, Cliff House to create a plan of action. That night, the Automobile Club of California (ACC) was born. They remained tied to this name for the next seven years.

By 1905, Californians were granted the legal right to use motor vehicles on their highways. As a result, two years later, the ACC and a new club called the California State Automobile Association (CSAA) merged. They wrote their first automobile insurance policy in 1913.

Because the CSAA is affiliated with AAA, by way of merging with the ACC, their philosophy is simple. They believe their customers should receive the highest level of protection combined with excellent customer service. Their mission is to find you the most comprehensive car insurance policy that matches your individual needs and surpasses your expectations.

CSAA Car Insurance Options Available

Obtaining automobile insurance through the CSAA means your membership opens you up to a world of opportunities and advantages. Their Accident Assist Program specializes in convenience and you are given exclusive access this program.

This is much more than roadside assistance. The Accident Assist Program takes the burden away by scheduling your repairs and eliminating the need for an adjuster. Additionally, all repairs are guaranteed for the life of the vehicle. Few companies can make this statement.

As a member, you can also enjoy travel benefits, including discounts on cruises, airlines, hotels and all the accessories. This is one of the reasons why the partnership with AAA is so beneficial; they truly offer an automobile policy that is diverse and well-rounded.

CSAA Company Statistics

The CSAA provides automobile coverage for over 51 million members living in Northern California, Utah, and Nevada. The AAA Brand is recognized more than any other motor vehicle club is and uses the most basic ways to advertise their services.

Every member is included in the Show Your Card & Save Program, which provides instant savings and discounts at thousands of locations worldwide. Simply presenting the membership card to any participating merchant assures growth for their business through increased traffic, additional sales, and loyal customers.

The CSAA does not appeal to their customers through television commercials. They don’t have clever catch phrases or mascots. Instead, they use VIA magazine, which has a circulation of approximately 2.7 million, to promote their programs and advertise special rates to their members. As a member, you also will receive newsletters via email or traditional mail. Non-members receive flyers and brochures quarterly.

As a way of looking towards the future and other ways to stay ahead in their industry, the CSAA partnered with Apple to create the iPhone Application; another touch of convenience and advanced technology. The CSAA has remained true to the original idea of servicing their customers; this is why they use social media, the Internet, and other new and innovative methods to gain customers.

J.D. Power Ratings

J.D. Power Circle Ratings are based on a five-star system, five being the highest. They score four separate factors, including billing and payment, policy offers, price and reasons to contact the insurer. J.D. Power sends surveys to consumers, receives the completed forms, and compiles them in accordance to their responses.

Both positive and negative information is included to receive the most fair and unbiased scores. They are then rated. Once the rates are determined, the average score is provided. This becomes the overall satisfaction rate.

According to the 2011 National Auto Insurance Study, the CSAA ranks three of five stars for overall satisfaction. The individual factors are three stars for billing/payment, two stars for insurer contact, three stars for policy offers, and four stars for price.

A.M. Best Ratings

AM Best Company is very different from J.D. Power, which places focus on customer satisfaction from the consumer’s point of view. Rather, AM Best Company reports on the financial strength of an insurance company. They have been a resource for the insurance industry the longest and have the best reputation for reporting accurate data.

While A.M. Best does not calculate how a customer feels personally about their insurance provider, they do provide the details that show how an insurance company performs as a business, which is equally as important. A solid company grows steadily and increases revenue in a stable manner. They apply letter grades from A++, which is considered superior, to an F, which means the company is now in the liquidation process and ratings are no longer applied. As a rule, A++ to D is the average score or rating.

The CSAA has been given an A+ rating for the past five years and they have never fallen below an A since 1993. Their A.M. Best A+ rating means that the CSAA has proven they are more than capable of meeting their financial obligations to their members and their employees.