Crazy traffic laws can be found in virtually every city, state and country. Often they are leftover laws from years past, even before cars were commonplace in some instances. Although occasionally, they were the result of an overzealous lawmaker who truly believed such laws were necessary. Regardless of how crazy traffic laws came into being, as long as they are laws, drivers must obey them or risk the consequences.

Crazy Traffic Laws That Anyone Could Break

The sad thing about crazy traffic laws is that typically they are so obscure that no one really knows about them. This makes it quite easy and very probable that someone would break those laws and could find themselves in trouble if the wrong law enforcement officer noticed the behavior. Some of the unusual crazy traffic laws that you might encounter in this country are as follows:

– In Alaska, it is illegal to strap your dog to your car’s roof.

– In Arkansas, you may not sound the horn of your car after 9:00 pm if you are in an area where sandwiches and cold drinks are being served.

– In North Carolina, it is illegal to drive in a cemetery unless you are preparing a grave or attending a burial.

– In California, it is illegal for women to drive a car while wearing a housecoat.

– In Minneapolis, it is illegal to go onto Lake Street while driving a red car.

– In Denver, you may not drive black cars on Sunday.

– In Canton, OH, you may not be on the road at the same time as someone who is roller-skating.

– In California and Tennessee, shooting animals from your car is illegal unless the animal is a whale.

– In New Jersey, you may not frown at a police officer.

– In New Orleans and Memphis, it is law that women must have a man in front of the car with a warning flag if she is to drive.

– In Montana, it is not permitted to leave a sheep unescorted in a truck.

– In Pennsylvania, when traveling country roads at night, you are required to stop every mile and detonate a rocket signal in order to warn livestock of your approach.

– In Marietta, Georgia, it is prohibited to spit from a moving bus or car.

– In Cape Coral, Florida, it is illegal to park your pickup truck in front of any property that is not yours.

– In Oregon, it is illegal to leave your car door open longer than necessary.

– In Bloomfield, CT, you are not allowed to eat in your vehicle.

What to Do If You Get Caught Breaking a Crazy Traffic Law

If you are unlucky enough to find yourself caught by law enforcement as you break one of the crazy traffic laws that should not even be in existence, you need to know what to do. Realistically, we are at the mercy of law enforcement when it comes to such things. If you receive a ticket, the only thing you really can do is pay the associated fine and check if your state has a program in place whereby you can do a driver training course in order to remove the infraction from your record.

How to Avoid Crazy Traffic Laws You Might Not Even Know About

While it is practically sure that you will not be looking for a man to walk in front of your car before you drive in Memphis or New Orleans, you may be able to avoid some of the other crazy laws by using common sense. Avoid shooting any animals from your car and never attach anything that breathes to the roof of your car. If stopped by a police officer anywhere, remain pleasant.

In addition, in order to maintain a good driving record so you do not encounter too many problems even if you break a crazy traffic law, it is important to follow the not so crazy laws. Be sure to drive prudently and follow speed limits and other laws. Wear your seat belt and ensure that others in your vehicle do the same thing. If involved in an accident, help others to safety, contact the police, and then call your insurance company.

By taking care of the small every day traffic laws, you are safeguarding yourself in case you get into trouble with one of the crazy traffic laws one day. Such steps are the most prudent ones you have at your disposal.

While there is little that the average consumer can do when it comes to crazy traffic laws, if you come across some of those laws where you live, notify the appropriate level of government so that they might begin proceedings to get rid of the law. No one wants to find themselves breaking a crazy traffic law that is outdated and obsolete.