Comparison Market is an auto insurance tool that aims to help consumers make smart and educated decisions about car insurance policies. Comparison Market is a web-based company that helps consumers to understand their auto insurance options. The site allows shoppers to research and compare a myriad of car insurance companies and policies in order to find the best option for their needs. These tools are offered exclusively at the Comparison Market website.

History of Comparison Market Car Insurance Service

Comparison Market was established in 2001. It strives to be a one-stop source for information, resources, and competitive quotations for car insurance shoppers. In addition to ready access to a collection of car insurance quotes, the site has also built a database of articles and informative briefs about financial topics, including choosing car insurance.

Comparison Market bills itself as “America’s Online Auto Insurance Agency,” but this may be slightly misleading. In fact, Comparison Market is not actually a car insurance provider. Instead, the company’s mission is to help consumers make informed financial and insurance decisions by providing them with relevant information and quotes.

Comparison Market is headquartered in Solon, Ohio. The company does not have an office or storefront that customers can visit, and it does not have customer service representatives to handle inquiries over the phone. Instead, the company’s business is wholly conducted via its website.

Services Provided by Comparison Market Car Insurance

Comparison Market offers two main resources on its website. The site provides a tool to compare auto insurance quotes from various companies to find the lowest rates and best features and services. It also includes a variety of consumer education products, such as articles, tutorials, and a “learning center” with relevant news and updates about the auto insurance industry and consumer topics.

The auto insurance rate tool uses simple information in order to direct a customer to one of several auto insurance providers for a quote. The site requests the customer’s zip code and whether he or she has an active auto insurance policy. From there, the customer is directed to a landing page that lists several insurance companies that may be available for them. The customer can click on these links to go directly to the company’s website and fill out a request for an auto insurance quote.

Comparison Market’s educational and informational products are also an important resource for shoppers looking to learn more about auto insurance. Articles are available on a variety of topics, such as Coverage and Claims, Drivers Ed, Insurance Shopping Tips, and Auto Insurance Facts and Figures.

These articles can be useful for consumers who need to understand more about the auto insurance industry and the specifics of policy features and benefits before they start shopping for car insurance. In addition to insurance related resources, the site also offers helpful articles and information on financial management and other related topics.

Important Facts about Comparison Market Car Insurance

It is important for consumers to remember that Comparison Market is not actually a car insurance agency. While the site may give helpful information to enable a customer to choose a policy, Comparison Market is not the company underwriting the insurance.

Comparison Market may be one of many useful tools to help you find information, quotes, and educational articles about choosing the right car insurance company. However, you should keep in mind that Comparison Market may not be affiliated with, or have information about, every car insurance provider in your area.

A shopper should also bear in mind that the information and articles provided by Comparison Market have not been independently validated and verified. Some of the information contained in the articles and tools that are provided by Comparison Market might be outdated or inaccurate. While the site does provide some excellent information and tools, it is always wise to verify information, especially quotations and policy terms, prior to making any financial decisions.

Reviews of Comparison Market Car Insurance

Because Comparison Market is not a true car insurance agency, major consumer groups such as J.D. Powers and Associates have not reviewed it. However, consumers who have directly worked with Comparison Market have provided feedback and reviews which is available online.

One of the drawbacks of Comparison Market that some consumers have mentioned is that the site does not seem to pair insurance shoppers with local results. Instead, the majority of the companies which are offered as auto insurance options are large, nationally operating insurance providers.

If you are in the market for a new auto insurance policy and you are looking for more information to help you find and understand the options available to you, Comparison Market may be a good place for you to start your search.