If you are in the market for an auto insurance company, you may want to consider car insurance from Chubb Car Insurance. Chubb Car Insurance is a division owned by the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, a globally operating provider of insurance products.

Chubb may be best known for its Masterpiece® products, a line of insurance services geared towards covering rare or expensive items. However, Chubb also offers a full range of car insurance options that may be appropriate for a range of consumers.

About Chubb Group of Insurance Companies

Chubb Group of Insurance Companies was initially established in 1882 as a marine insurance underwriter. Since that time, Chubb has expanded to offer property and casualty insurance policies in 27 countries around the world.

Chubb automobile, property and casualty insurance is available throughout the United States and many other worldwide locations. Chubb insurance is available through a network of independent insurance agents and brokers. Chubb does not offer auto insurance quotations online through the company website.

Chubb is a publicly traded company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: CB). The Chubb Group of Insurance Companies is also the parent of over 20 worldwide subsidiary companies.

Car Insurance Options from Chubb Group

Chubb offers two main types of automobile insurance, traditional car insurance and collector’s car insurance. Traditional auto insurance is designed for everyday drivers and the coverage of their primary vehicle.

Chubb policies offer a few special features and benefits, which set them apart from some other car insurance companies. This includes Agreed Value, in which the customer and Chubb agree upfront on the replacement value of the automobile so there are no surprises at the time of a claim.

Chubb also offers coverage for loss of use of the vehicle with no daily limit. This coverage is available for up to $5,500. In addition, Chubb auto insurance does not charge depreciation on parts and provides OEM part replacement.

For collectors, Chubb has specially policies tailored to the needs of those who have rare or antique cars. These policies include benefits such as no mileage restrictions, agreed value that can increase due to the age or collectability of the auto, and consumer’s choice of auto body shop.

Important Facts and Statistics about Chubb Group of Insurance Companies

Chubb Group of Insurance Companies has a reputation for catering to the most affluent segments of the population. In fact, a large portion of their services, known as the Masterpiece® products, are specially designed for insuring rare, expensive, unusual items. This may include artwork, fine jewelry, collections, and rare automobiles. According to Chubb, their customer list includes about 60% of the individuals listed in Forbes’ list of the 400 wealthiest people in America.

Chubb is the 10th largest insurance company in America specializing in property and casualty insurance. Annual sales for 2011 were over 13 billion dollars, and the company posted growth in both income and profits over 2010. Chubb Group of Insurance Companies has a long history of stable growth and profits. It has received high ratings from Standard and Poor’s, Moody, and A.M. Best for financial stability over the past several decades.

Consumer Reviews of Chubb Auto Insurance

If you are considering Chubb Group of Insurance Companies as your auto insurance provider, you will want to be sure to carefully investigate customer reviews to help you determine if Chubb is a good fit for your needs.

Chubb has received extremely high customer satisfaction reviews. In fact, it was listed behind only Amica, Auto Owners, and USAA in a recent national survey. Chubb has received excellent reviews from its main client base, affluent Americans with high value automobiles.

Chubb was not rated by J.D. Powers and Associates in their most recent consumer ratings for auto insurance. There are also no reviews for Chubb listed on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. However, other online resources provide detailed customer review information for the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies.

Chubb receives especially high marks from collectors for its specialized portfolio of services designed to insure collectible automobiles. Customers appreciate that Chubb’s policies are designed to fit the special needs of collectors as opposed to a standard auto insurance policy.

Chubb auto insurance has also received extremely positive customer ratings for customer service. Most reviewers have noted that the company is easy to reach, easy to deal with, polite, and professional.

Chubb is a large company with many subsidiaries and services provided. In order to get the most accurate data and reviews to evaluate auto insurance with the Chubb group of companies, you should look for recent reviews in your area that address the specific type of auto insurance coverage that you are interested in.