The Chevrolet Volt holds the distinction of being rated as the most fuel-efficient compact car sold in North America. The average cost to insure a new 2012 Chevrolet Volt is approximately $1,750 a year. Of course, this figure can vary greatly depending on many factors about the driver and the vehicle.

The Chevrolet Volt is an extremely popular choice for drivers who are concerned with efficiency. The Volt is an electric hybrid, plug in vehicle. It has an astonishing combined 60 miles per gallon (mpg) with its electric charged lithium battery, as well as the gasoline engine powered electric generator.

What are the different kinds of Chevrolet Volt on the market?

The Chevrolet Volt is new to the market being it was introduced in late 2010. Currently, the Volt is only available in one body style, a four-door hatchback.

However, there are multiple trim options available for this model of Chevrolet Volt. This includes a Premium Trim Package that boasts leather interior, heated seats, and upgraded door trim. The Chevrolet Volt can also be purchased with an optional rear camera and park assist system.

The Chevrolet Volt is also available in multiple colors and paint options. Besides the standard paint finish, a buyer can choose metallic, diamond, or joule tri-coat finish for an additional cost.

What are the features and benefits of the Chevrolet Volt?

The incredible energy efficiency and the gas mileage of the Chevrolet Volt are among its most highly publicized features. In 2011, the Volt was named Automobile of the Year by Automobile magazine.

The seamless transition between running off the electric battery and running on gasoline is another important feature of the Chevrolet Volt. Many competitive hybrid models have been criticized for the inability to easily shift between power modes. The Volt’s impressive engineering makes the change almost unnoticeable to the driver.

The Volt has a relatively low cost of ownership, which is a major draw for many buyers. The car is considered an expensive initial purchase, with an MSRP of just under $40,000. However, the cost of gasoline over the course of one year will be less than half of that for a comparable four-door all-gasoline vehicle. The Chevrolet Volt can be charged easily and cheaply at home.

How are the consumer reviews for the Chevrolet Volt?

Most consumer reviews for the Chevrolet Volt have been very positive in regards to the efficiency, quality of the ride, and value provided by the vehicle. Unlike many hybrids, the Volt can be driven as gasoline only, which eliminates the need for lengthy recharging on long drives. Customers also favorably rated the smoothness of the ride and the quietness of the vehicle.

The Chevrolet Volt received high marks for power as well. Sluggishness is a problem that has plagued many hybrid and electric model, but the Volt seems to have improved upon this issue. The Volt also boasts a state of the art, energy efficient sound system from Bose.

The main drawback that consumers noted regarding the Chevrolet Volt is the high initial purchase price. The vehicle also received less than stellar reviews for roominess in the back seat and available cargo space.

Some owners have also criticized the mpg of the Volt when running only on gas. At 37 mpg, it is not as efficient as some would like. In order to receive the full value of the model, it is necessary to use the car in electric mode often.

What kind of warranty is offered on the Chevrolet Volt?

The Chevrolet Volt has the longest lasting warranty available on any GM product. The battery warranty on the 2012 Volt is for eight years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. By comparison, most passenger vehicles have an engine warranty of only three to five years.

All 161 components of the Chevrolet Volt’s battery are covered by the warranty. The warranty also covers the charging system, the electric drive components, and the thermal management system. The warranty is fully transferrable to other owners of the vehicle.

How much does auto insurance cost for the Chevrolet Volt?

Auto insurance for the Chevrolet Volt may be a little higher than similar four-door hatchbacks because of the higher initial purchase price of the vehicle. The average consumer will pay approximately $1,750 per year to insure a new 2012 Chevrolet Volt.

However, many factors can influence your specific insurance premium, making it higher or lower than the national average. In fact, your actual annual insurance cost could vary by as much as hundreds of dollars from this average. The options on the vehicle, which affect the replacement cost, are one factor. The insurance provider will also take into account the area where you live and your driving record.

You can help to control the cost of your insurance premium by the coverage options that you choose. Finding affordable car insurance for the Chevrolet Volt may be easier than you think!