You need car insurance but how do you find the cheapest car insurance quotes? The first rule is to understand that the value of a car insurance policy is in the details of coverage and not just the cost of monthly premiums. While it’s understandable to want cheap car insurance it’s important never to sacrifice quality for cost. Car insurance is most valuable when you file a claim, not when you write a check for premiums.

How do I find the best car insurance?

Most drivers opt for a car insurance comparison search online to ultimately find a car insurance company however this should be your last step. Would you buy a new TV without understanding all its features? The purchase of car insurance should be no different so set aside some time to understand how car insurance works, common industry terms and what discounts are common in the marketplace. Once you put all the pieces of the puzzle together only then can you truly compare car insurance quotes from different providers equally.

What are the pieces of the car insurance puzzle?

Think about why you need car insurance and what you expect from a provider. From fast claims handling to online account management there are many different features where availability varies from one insurer to the next. Some of the most common things you need to consider before selecting a car insurance policy include:

Company Reputation

Any driver wants a reliable insurance company in the event of a claim. While national brand names are certainly the first ones that come to mind don’t discount the value of smaller companies who just do not have the billion dollar advertising budget Warren Buffet has. On the other hand, always check industry ratings and the financial strength of a company before signing on. The whole point of car insurance is having a company who is able to pay your claim.

Policy Coverage

All car owners have different requirements. Some need GAP insurance, others want agreed upon value in the event of a total loss and many insist on rental car reimbursement. The policy coverage is what you are paying for so know well ahead about policy limits, car insurance deductibles and the different types of car insurance available. While almost every auto insurance policy contains similar items it truly is the small details which make a difference. Finding out you are underinsured (or even uninsured) after a car accident happens is never a happy day.

Account Management Tools and Payment Options

Can you pay monthly? Can you make payments online? These may seem like silly questions but there are still a wealth of providers who only have limited online access for policyholders and some still only accept checks by mail. When it comes to the purchase of anything there should never by such thing as a stupid question. Make a list of what you need and ask every potential provider if they have services to meet your basic needs.

Cost of Insurance

Once you have found the type of policy you need and a few potential car insurance companies now it’s time to request quotes. Make sure to give the same information to all companies and before looking at the car insurance quotes compare policy details to ensure all quotes include the same level of coverage.

Car insurance comparison is key to finding cheap car insurance quotes but it’s never as easy as just punching in your zip code. The responsibility is on you to buy the insurance you need so take your time and do some due diligence. We know car insurance is not as sexy as buying a new car but in the event of an accident the value of coverage you can count on really is pretty hot.