Car insurance is a mandatory part of owning a vehicle and without coverage you can be subject to great financial loss and liability in a car accident. Every state has different regulations on how much car insurance is required, what vehicles must have car insurance and more. If you are planning on moving or buying car insurance for the first time it’s important to become familiar with the car insurance requirements of your state.

Does car insurance cost the same in every state?

Absolutely not. Some states have exorbitant car insurance premiums while others are relatively cheap. Car insurance rates can even change depending on where you live in the state right down to your home address. Areas prone to higher car theft risk, more traffic and other higher risk items of filing a claim are all factored in the calculation of a car insurance company’s risk to insure you.

However, the most important thing you want to do is avoid being under-insured. Whether you’re moving to a new state or buying car insurance for the first time its imperative to know your state requirements for coverage. Click your state below to learn more about car insurance and find local car insurance companies.