Thoughtful ManWhenever you submit a request for an insurance quote, you will be asked for information about the vehicle you plan to insure. In general, insurance follows the vehicle rather than the driver, and the type of vehicle affects the risk level of a particular policy. Vehicles that are worth more will cost more to insure, for example, and the insurance company will need to know about a vehicle’s replacement value before a realistic estimate can be given.

All the same, some drivers may need to obtain insurance without owning a vehicle. They may have not bought a vehicle yet or not plan on buying one in the near future. These drivers may require coverage for vehicles they borrow or rent, or they may need insurance to work in certain fields that require driving. Regardless of your reasons, it is possible to buy car insurance without owning a car.

Insurance for Cars You Have Not Yet Purchased

If you plan to purchase a vehicle in the near future, it’s wisest to wait until the car has been bought before you obtain insurance. Once you purchase the vehicle, you will have 30 days to insure it. It’s always best to insure the car as quickly as possible as this will protect your new purchase in the event of an accident, but obtaining the insurance before the vehicle has even been bought is not necessary.

Whenever you purchase a vehicle, simply contact the insurance company to provide the car’s VIN and answer any questions about the car’s safety or security features. In most cases, you will be able to get the policy within a few minutes. This is especially true of vehicles being added to preexisting insurance policies. The vehicle should be insured by the time it leaves the lot.

If you do not already have an auto insurance company, you will want to spend some time comparison shopping before purchasing the policy. The best way to do this it to obtain several quotes based on what type of car you plan to purchase. Once you’ve chosen the best company, you can move forward with setting up the policy as detailed above.

Insurance for Cars You Do Not Own

If you will be borrowing another person’s vehicle or driving a car for work purposes, you may or may not need insurance coverage. In most cases, the vehicles you choose to drive will be insured. As long as the vehicle’s existing coverage pays for unlisted drivers, you should not need to provide your own insurance.

In cases where you’ll be driving another person’s vehicle frequently, it may make sense for them to add you to the policy as a driver. This might be a good idea for roommates, care-takers and others who live with the named insured.

Drivers-Only Car Insurance

Although most insurance covers the vehicle rather than the driver, there are some policies geared to drivers who are not vehicle owners. The primary purpose of this coverage is to pay for damages and injuries that you may cause to another person. In other words, drivers-only insurance is usually a form of liability coverage that will protect you from getting sued if you cause an accident with a car you do not own. Depending on the policy, it may also cover damages to the vehicle that you’re driving, but that coverage varies from one policy to the next.

There are a few people who should consider drivers-only insurance:
— College students who may drive vehicles belonging to friends or roommates
— People working for delivery companies or other businesses requiring drivers
— Individuals who do not have medical insurance who may be involved in car accidents
— People traveling for extended periods who will not be using their own vehicles

Depending on your situation, you may be able to get the same effect by purchasing an umbrella policy or personal liability policy instead. These coverages protect you from a wide variety of lawsuits, not just those arising from auto accidents, and their flexibility may be more appealing to you. You may, however, find that a drivers-only insurance policy is helpful for you, especially if it covers injuries that you may sustain or other costs associated with auto insurance.

For all drivers who do not own their own vehicles, researching drivers-only insurance policies is a good idea. Whether you choose to purchase one of these policies or opt to use a different type of insurance instead, you will know that you’ve made the right choice for your finances. Many drivers-only insurance policies are very affordable, and comparison shopping online will help you obtain the best possible rates.