The BMW Corporation recently introduced their sport activity vehicles. The BMW X5 M series are the sports versions of the traditional BMW line. You can expect to pay approximately $1,980 a year or about $170 a month in car insurance for the privilege of owning this automobile.

What other cars are available in the BMW M series?

BMW offers a full line of vehicles in their M series. The M3 automobiles include the sedan, the coupe and the convertible models.

Each of the M series vehicles features technological advances that were originally designed for motor sports. These have now been converted for everyday driving. BMW has improved the drive-train, the interior and the shape of these cars to be unlike anything else on the road.

The BMW M5 Coupe has unique materials that make it fast and extremely strong. The convertible model is ideal for those who want a sport activity automobile that also lets in all the wind and sunlight.

An atypical design with a low center of gravity and stylish fins classify the M6 automobiles. Like other BMWs, they come equipped with a mighty engine and are designed for maximum stability on the road.

What is the total cost to drive a BMW X5 automobile?

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for a BMW X5 is approximately $87,000. It typically gets about 17 miles per gallon on the highway. For car insurance, you should anticipate paying about $2,000 a year.

The cost of gas for a year would likely be close to $4,000 for the average driver however there should no repair or maintenance cost for a while as BMW’s maintenance program provides free service for four years or up to 50,000 miles.

What makes the BMW X5 M series so special?

The M5 series combines the luxury of a sedan with the excitement of a sporty automobile. It comes with a spacious interior as well as BMW’s unique driving control system which allows the driver to choose the engine performance level which best suits the road he or she is currently traveling. At the touch of a button, the Adaptive Transmission Control can be shifted from drive to sport and back again. The M5 series are the first sports vehicles in the BMW line to offer four-wheel drive.

For unparalleled comfort, the BMW X5 M features heated front seats, a moon roof, and an exceptional speaker system. In addition to the world famous BMW engine technology, the X5 M interior is styled with the driver in mind by providing an on-board global positioning system with instant traffic alerts and park distance control for both bumpers.

You can also customize your BMW X5 M with optional snap-in media adapters or an electric cooler. Other optional equipment includes a heated steering wheel and rear seats, a rear-view camera with a top view, and even automatic high beam headlights which independently change from low to high due to the circumstances of the road without any action from the driver.

There is also Hill Descent Control and Active Roll Stabilization for superior safety. Other safety features include speed and weather sensitive windshield wipers and an anti-trapping feature on all windows and doors. To prevent theft, the BMW X5 M has a central locking system and Coded Drive away Protection. It has received a rating of “good” in crash tests by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

In the BMW X5 M, the company provides the best innovations from many types of vehicles collectively included in one car. For example, you get the convenience of five maneuverable seats like a van, a high roof similar to an SUV, and the extra storage of a wagon. The smart design was created to make the weight of the car evenly distributed over all four tires. This serves to attain the greatest amount of traction no matter where or when you drive.

This is all made even more unique by the fact that these features are located on an active automobile with a powerful engine. The twin turbo engine boasts 555 horsepower performance and a new lightweight braking system with distinctive blue brakes mean you get the best response whether stopping or going. It has been estimated that this car can reach up to 60 miles per hour in less than five seconds, making it one of the fastest cars you can buy. The BMW X5 M can be considered the first multipurpose automobile that feels like a sports car.

What do reviewers say about the BMW X5 M?

Independent automobile review sites describe the BMW X5 M as a powerful performance vehicle with lavish comfort. On the downside, they found the gear selector system a bit puzzling and were disappointed at the lack of a third row of seats. Overall, it is rated as an enjoyable car to drive by pretty much everyone!