Depending on a variety of factors, car insurance for a BMW 640i Coupe will vary from about $2200 to $2800. Because it is considered a luxury vehicle, car insurance rates will tend to be higher than they would be for a less expensive vehicle. However, the number of safety features may help to keep the premiums affordable.

BMW was started in Germany and has been making automobiles since the 1920s. Its smallest cars fall in the 1 series models. BMW also has the 3, 5, 6, and 7 Series, as well as sports coupes and SUVs. As a coupe, the 640i is a two-door elegant and powerful vehicle.

What determines car insurance premiums for the BMW 640i Coupe?

Depending on which features you have on your 640i Coupe, your estimated car insurance rates may be higher or lower than someone else’s may. How old the car is will also change the price, as older cars tend to be cheaper to insure.

If you have more safety features, especially the optional ones, your insurance will probably be less than if you didn’t have very many. If you will be driving the car for just pleasure, your rates will likely be less than if you drive it to and from work on a daily basis.

If you have a higher credit score, your rates will be lower than they would be for someone who has poor credit history. Your history of driving will also affect your rates. If you have had a lot of accidents and other traffic violations, you will be paying more for your 640i insurance.

What are the general features of the BMW 640i Coupe?

The 640i Coupe from BMW has rear-wheel drive, which makes it more sporty-like. Its engine is a twin power turbo engine with 6-cylinders and 3-liters. It has 315 horsepower. The Coupe can get an average of 31 miles to the gallon with highway driving.

Because the vehicles in the 6 series are considered more luxurious than the lower series, the vehicles tend to be more expensive. The starting price for a new 640i Coupe is $73,600.

What type of safety features does the BMW 640i Coupe have?

As with most of the models from BMW, quite a few safety features come standard with the 640i Coupe. There are airbags in both the front and on the side. There are anti-lock brakes and a number of seat belt features along with active knee protection and an interlocking door system to protect you in accidents that contain side impacts. Alarm systems as well as sensors will automatically disconnect the fuel pump and alternator to protect you in the event of an accident.

For a bit more money, you can protect you and your car even more with certain optional safety features. LED headlights help you see objects and traffic signs easier, which is especially helpful if you are driving long distances. The headlights also swivel to help you see the road when you go around bends.

To help you see important information without taking your eyes off the road, there is an optional head-up display in full color. Warnings, your speed, and navigation directions are displayed in front of you on the windshield. Information from the pedestrian detection system may also be shown.

You can avoid unfortunate pedestrian collisions in the dark by use of the night vision feature. In the 640i Coupe, this camera is located in the front and shows both animals and people ahead, up to 328 yards.

The 640i also offers a lane departure warning which can prevent you from moving over lanes. If you try to change lanes without turning on your blinker or if you happen to cross the lane marking, your steering wheel will vibrate as a warning. You can choose to have this feature on or off while you are driving.

BMW Assist also comes with the 640i allowing you to connect directly to a response specialist with just a button push, or with the crash sensors if you are in an accident. BMW Assist is helpful if you have a question related to customer service, need roadside assistance, or have been in an accident.

Overall the BMW 640i is one of the most exciting cars in the marketplace and one almost every car enthusiast will love.