Car insurance for a BMW 550i Sedan varies from around $1600 to $2200 depending on a number of factors such as driving record and credit score. BMW stands for Bavarian Motor Works and has been around since the early 1900s. Based out of Germany, the company has built a reputation as being determined, dedicated, and innovative.

BMW makes luxury vehicles that are also reliable. BMW has a variety of styles of cars, categorized in different series. The 550i Sedan is a part of the 5 series which includes mid-sized cars. The 550i is considered to be half racecar and half sedan. BMW also has smaller vehicles, compact cars, SUVs, sports coupes, motorcycles, and cars that contain engines powered by hydrogen.

What factors help determine car insurance rates for the BMW 550i Sedan?

Car insurance companies use a number of factors when estimating how much you will pay for car insurance for your BMW. The year of the car will change the rate. If it is a newer model, it will be worth more, which will increase the car insurance premium. The type of safety features a vehicle has, how the car will be used – there are so many factors and each car has a unique risk profile.

What are the driving dynamics of the BMW 550i Sedan?

One thing that separates BMWs from other vehicles is how it drives on the road. The 550i Sedan has a number of features to help it maneuver easier and safer.

One of these features is integral active steering. This helps you with parking, driving around sharp bends, and changing direction helping to improve stability and agility, as well as increased comfort for both passengers and driver.

Then there is a driving dynamics control feature where you can choose your driving pleasure level. This may vary from comfort on long drives to sport and helps you drive more dynamically on different terrain such as deep snow, gravel, or sand.

Dynamic damping is another feature to help adjust the shock absorbers. It doesn’t matter whether you are driving on a smooth road, over potholes, or uneven roads, this control will help you be comfortable through all types of road conditions.

What are some of the features of the BMW 550i Sedan that help increase ease and comfort?

There are multiple features in the 550i Sedan that help support the needs and desires of its driver and passengers. One is rear entertainment. With this feature, there are two monitors as well as a DVD player in the back for passengers. The monitors can be attached to games or laptops and there is an option for headphones as well.

For drivers, there is a navigation system that shows a comprehensive overview and detailed information about your destination. For ease of parking, the Sedan offers a parking assistant that helps you find parking spaces as well as guide the vehicle into the spaces.

Climate control and comfort tends to be a big issue with passengers and drivers. With the four-zone climate control feature, you can control the temperature in four different places: the front passenger seat, the driver seat and the two rear passenger seats.

How safe is the BMW 550i Sedan?

The 550i Sedan contains a number of features to help keep you safer on the road. Standard features include airbags, active head restraints, seat belts that have automatic pretensioners, adaptive brake lights, a crash center, a door anchoring system and an alarm system.

There are also a number of optional safety features for the BMW 550i Sedan. The head-up display allows you to have more control over your driving. It places the speedometer, navigation direction, and other important information right in front of you, adjusting to conditions such as light and brightness changes.

The night vision feature allows you to see pedestrians and animals ahead of you in the dark, much sooner than you would see them on your own. It also shows in which direction they are going.

The optional rear view camera helps to increase safety and visibility. It transmits images to your monitor and shows trajectories to help you see objects and park.

If you struggle with parking or backing up and worry about running into another object, the park distance control feature may become your best friend. This contains four sensors in the rear and four sensors in the front to help you detect objects. The closer you get to an object, the faster the sensors beep so that you know how close you are and can avoid a collision.

You can also avoid collisions with the blind spot detection feature. It helps you detect blind spots while you are looking forward. It shows a light on the side mirror and causes the steering wheel to vibrate if you turn your blinker on.

The 550i Sedan is one of the most respected vehicles in the word and with a price tag starting from $62,000 you will want to have adequate insurance car to protect your investment. Do your research before deciding on a car insurance policy and make sure to compare policies of equal coverage as the repair costs on any luxury vehicle may leave you driving a Vespa without the right insurance.