The BMW335i Sedan features a turbocharged, three-liter, six-cylinder double overhead cam engine that can produce 300 horsepower at 5800 rpm. The engine has four valves per cylinder and a direct fuel injection system.

BMW owners typically use premium-unleaded gasoline to fill its 16.1-gallon tank. As of 2008 estimates, the 335i Sedan averaged 22 miles per gallon for all types of driving, a low of 19 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the open road.

Best known in its class for comfort and handling, the BMW 335i Sedan features anti-lock braking, cornering control on its four-wheel disc brakes, along with electronic brake distribution, and traction control. This well-engineered Sedan also comes with independent front suspension, stabilizers and springs front and rear, as well as an independent rear multi-link suspension.

Highlights of the BMW 335i Sedan standard exterior package include color matching front and rear bumpers and heated, matching color door mirrors on both driver and passenger sides. A remote sunroof completes the sleek, aerodynamic exterior package of this luxury sedan.

Additional exterior features include daytime running lights and xenon headlamps with projector beam lenses. For bad weather days, the 335i comes standard with fog lamps.

What is the interior of the BMW335i sedan like?

The roomy interior of the BMW 335i sedan allows five adults to travel in style. There is an ample 12 cubic feet of cargo space as well. Memory, eight-way power seats allow for maximum driver and passenger comfort.

BMW 335i Sedan owners also enjoy luxury interior features, which enhance the driver’s enjoyment and driving comfort. The roomy interior is extremely well appointed with an abundance of standard features including alloy, leather, and wood grain trim.

Dual-zone automatic climate control comes standard on all BMW 335i sedans as do memory mirrors and memory seats. Cruise control and an on-board trip computer, which tracks speed, range, and fuel economy, help to make long road trips more enjoyable.

The BMW 335i sedan also comes with a digital audio system featuring AM/FM radio and CD, eight-speaker surround sound and wheel mounted controls enhanced by a multi-function antenna.

What are the safety features of the BMW 335i Sedan?

Safety features of the BMW 335i Sedan include intelligent driver and passenger front and side airbags. Keyless entry with smart key and an advanced anti-theft system provides added security as well as peace of mind for every BMW owner.

What is the warranty coverage on the 335i?

The basic BMW warranty is a four-year/50,000 miles package that includes most every part and system on the vehicle. This warranty does not cover those items that normally wear out and require replacement such as brake pads and windshield wiper blades. Roadside assistance also accompanies every BMW sold in the United States. Regardless of the cause, if you need a tow, gasoline, a new battery, or other assistance with your BMW, all you need to do is call the nationwide toll free number.

What will I pay in car insurance for my BMW 335i sedan?

Motor Trend Magazine estimates the annual cost of insurance for the 2011 BMW 335i Sedan to be $1,509 per year or $7,545 during the first five years of ownership. This represents an increase of about 2%, over the estimated insurance costs for the 2010 model, $1,484.

What coverage amounts are included in this quote?

This estimate includes liability coverage for personal injury, with limits of $100,000 and $300,000 respectively, and $50,000 coverage for property damage. While far above all state minimum requirements, these coverage amounts (100/300/50), are certainly reasonable for a prestige automobile like the BMW.

Additional coverage in this estimate includes collision and comprehensive, each with a $500 deductible, uninsured motorist coverage of 25/50, and $25,000 medical coverage.

The average insurance cost assumes the principal driver has at least six years experience behind the wheel with no violations or chargeable accidents, and is less than 65 years of age. The quote also presumes that the vehicle is for personal use and being driven in a typical city/suburban setting.

It is important to note that car insurance costs can vary greatly from city to city and state to state. Not all coverage may be available in all areas, such as no-fault or uninsured motorist. While all states have minimum insurance requirements, most drivers will select coverage values that are significantly higher, in order to better protect themselves in the event of an accident.

What is the cost to insure a comparable 2012 BMW model?

BMW has not offered a 335i Sedan model for the 2012 model year. By comparison, the BMW model closest in features and price to the Sedan for 2012 is the BMW 335i Coupe. In 2011, the cost to insure a similarly equipped BMW 335i Coupe was $1,640.

For the 2012 model year, insurance cost estimates increase to $1,874 per year, for the same basic coverage package described above. This represents an increase of 14% in just one year! By comparison, in 2010 it cost $1608 to insure the BMW 335i Coupe, a difference of only $32 or 2%.

Why is the insurance cost so much different for a BMW 335i Sedan versus a BMW 335i Coupe?

Though the $44,100 sticker price for the Coupe is only slightly higher than the $42,050 cost of a Sedan, auto insurance premiums can be much higher on average. Four-door Sedans are more often associated with families while the two-door Coupe is more likely to be driven by a single male, putting the car at a higher risk for accidents or other mishaps.