In 2011, the cost of car insurance for a new BMW328i Wagon was estimated at only $1,400 per year, significantly lower than BMW’s Sedan or Coupe models. For 2012, this figure jumped to $1,614 per year, an increase of 15%! This increase is indicative of escalating car insurance prices in general. Auto insurance is on the rise for all makes and models of cars, and not just for BMW automobiles.

The insurance package price quoted by Motor Trend Magazine includes personal liability protection of $100,000 for injuries sustained by one person as the result of an auto accident, with a cap of $300,000 coverage for accidents involving two or more people.

$50,000 is provided in this quotation for property damage. Collision and comprehensive coverage is also included, each with a $500 deductible, as is a $25,000 medical rider and uninsured motorist coverage of $25,000 and $50,000 respectively.

Are these auto insurance coverage amounts required?

No. The Motor Trend recommended coverage of 100/300/50 is significantly higher than any state’s mandatory minimum guidelines. Only three states require as much as half of that coverage, Wisconsin at 50/100/55, and Maine and Alaska which require 50/100/25 coverage.

Most drivers carry more than state minimum coverage amounts. Of course, premium rates and available coverage varies from state to state. A thorough investigation of auto insurance providers in your area should be completed before purchasing any policy or specific coverage.

The rates quoted by Motor Trend also take for granted that the driver is an adult, below the age of 65, with at least six years of driving experience and whose driving record is free of any accidents or moving violations.

For drivers who are considered a higher risk because of their age or driving record, the rates quoted above can double or even triple. The highest premium rates are reserved for teenage drivers or those with a history of frequent accidents or violations.

What are the features of the BMW 328i Sports Wagon?

The BMW Wagon is a much desired and appreciated vehicle with all the amenities of a family station wagon yet the drivability, safety, and luxury comfort, which is the hallmark of the BMW line of quality made automobiles.

The basic BMW 328i Wagon is available in 2012 with a sticker price of $37,500. For those customers who are looking for more options, BMW offers several optional equipment packages, including two Sport packages.

What other options are available for a new BMW 328i Wagon?

Other equipment packages mix and match a variety of options. Which package or individual options to purchase, will depend on the buyer’s preferences and the specific look or intended purpose of the new BMW 328i Wagon. By packaging several popular options together, BMW can offer more attractive pricing, potentially saving buyers hundreds of dollars if the same options were purchased separately. Packages include:

A convenience package for $2,350 which features an anti-theft alarm system, keyless entry, rear side window shades, xenon headlights and depending on the other options selected, some form of parking distance control

A $900 Cold Weather Package featuring headlight cleaners, rear seat armrest (which includes a ski bag), heated front seats and steering wheel.

For an additional $1,900, BMW will add their Premium Package of options including:

  • Automatic garage door opener and home welcoming device
  • Special driver and passenger door mirrors
  • Automatic dim rear-view mirror
  • Foldable electric exterior mirrors
  • Compass
  • Adjustable lumbar control and front driver and passenger memory leather seats

What about fuel economy?

The BMW 3 Series Wagon comes standard with a 3-liter, 220 horsepower, six-cylinder engine. The engine is rated at 17 miles per gallon city, and 26 mpg highway, providing fuel economy as well as comfort. The 16.1-gallon fuel tank provides a range of 322 miles using premium-unleaded gasoline.

Does BMW provide a good warranty for its vehicles?

Yes! The basic manufacturer’s warranty provides coverage for a full four years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. Under Federal law, warranty coverage for the emission control system must be extended for a full five years.

In addition to a strong factory warranty for its new vehicles, BMW also offers extended warranty programs for its certified used cars. These programs can be very helpful when considering the purchase of an older vehicle and protect the buyer against the high cost of sudden or unexpected repairs or breakdowns.