If the 2012 BMW 128i Coupe is not enough car for you, you may want to consider the 2012 135i Coupe. While both cars use the same body style and have many of the same features, the 135i offers a supercharged engine which many reviewers find delightfully peppy and high-performing. Some consider the 1-Series to be the 3-Series “junior,” but the 1-series offers a great, lower-cost option to the entry-level 3-Series models. With a sticker price of just $39,300, many buyers are taking a second look at this fun and affordable line.

2012 BMW 135i Coupe

More power is the calling card of the BMW line, and the 2012 135i packs a lot of it into a small frame. Under the hood, a 3.0-liter supercharged inline, 6-cylinder engine boasts 300 horsepower, a surprising amount for such a small car. Of course, all that power comes at a price. Fuel economy for the 2012 135i is not outstanding, with the automatic transmission model averaging only 20 city miles per gallon, and the manual an even worse 18 miles per gallon. Both transmission styles gain 25 miles per gallon on the highway. With gas prices soaring, fuel economy is one of the only disadvantages of the BMW 135i. Some drivers do not mind the higher gas consumption, however, when they are rewarded with the splendid performance this vehicle gives.

BMW has a few quirks when it comes to its vehicles, and one of them is standard rear-wheel drive. Some drivers prefer this configuration, but others find it hard to adjust from the more common front-wheel drive. BMW’s unique body styling is also head-turning, and the 135i is blessed with BMW’s superb chassis and framework.

Inside the 135i’s cabin, you will find all the luxury you want in a small luxury sedan. The 2012 BMW 135i Coupe includes standard HID headlights, mirror memory, leather wrapped steering wheel, and heated mirrors. The stereo system, which can be upgraded to a premium sound system, includes everything from auxiliary auto input to MP3, as well as AM/FM and CD capabilities.

US News estimates that you will pay about $1,255 for repair bills over the first five years of ownership for a 2012 BMW 135i Coupe. However, the majority of these costs come during the fourth and fifth years of ownership for routine maintenance and repairs. During your first four years of owning a BMW, you are covered by one of the best warranties in the business. Powertrain is completely covered, as well as rust and corrosion, and you receive free roadside assistance. Best of all, your routine maintenance and brake care is included, so you are literally “repair-free” during the warranty period.

2012 BMW 135i Coupe Ratings

The 2011 BMW 135i received high marks from J. D. Power and Associates for reliability. Both the overall mechanical operation and the powertrain were rated at four out of five stars for reliability. This was an improvement over the 2010 model, which rated only 2.5 stars out of five in these categories. BMW has reconfigured several aspects of engine and body quality, resulting in better reliability for its customers.

BMW’s dedication to safety is evident in the variety of safety features available on the 135i. Anti-lock brakes, brake assist, and stability and traction control are standard, as well as front and side driver and passenger airbags.

How much is car insurance for a BMW 135i Coupe?

Car insurance costs for the 2012 BMW 135i Coupe average $1,549 per year, which may be higher than some cars in its class. Comparable models such as the Volkswagen GTI average $1,490, although the amount you pay for insurance will depend greatly on your individual factors. For example, if you are between twenty-five and sixty-five years of age, own your own home, have a clean driving record, and keep a good credit score, your insurance premiums will be lower than average on any car you own. On the other hand, if your credit score is low, if you have many driving infractions or accidents on your record, or if you are a very young driver, you can expect to pay more for your car insurance.

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