The foremost considerations on most women’s minds when selecting a vehicle of any type are affordability, safety and practicality. That means you can forget the high priced showy trucks and instead hand over the keys to a truck that is stable, cost effective, and full of safety features. It should also be good for meeting a woman’s hauling, towing or cargo transportation needs.

This is not to say that looks are not important. Women still want to truck around in style! A bit of flair should definitely accompany their practical, affordable vehicles. Trucks that offer various trim levels and cab styles may have a better chance making it into the running than those that offer limited selections or have little to offer in terms of style.

The Manufacturers Are Listening

Two truck manufacturers in particular are listening to the female demographic and providing trucks that meet women’s wants and needs. Ford and Chevrolet have both jumped on the bandwagon, specifically marketing their historically bestselling trucks to women. Chevrolet even went so far as to create a prominent billboard advertisement with a woman, a dog, and a truck- and not a single man in sight.

Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 has been the bestselling truck for decades. It remains at the top for its durability, performance and affordability, three key factors that especially appeal to women truck buyers.

Two more women-friendly improvements include increased levels of convenience and comfort, ABC says. Stale interior designs were vamped up with style. The F-150 Lariat offers supple leather seats and striking chrome accents. The Lariat is just one of a handful of trim levels and options available.

Womanly updates to F-150 trucks across the board include cozier seats for increased comfort, and vanity mirrors for a quick peek to ensure there’s no lipstick on your teeth. Pedal adjustments were incorporated to better suit smaller-framed drivers. The truck sits lower to the ground and includes runningboards for easier access. Add a DVD player to the mix to keep kids amused in the backseat, and women have a vehicle that really turns them on.

Chevrolet Silverado

Chevrolet’s Silverado has also historically been one of the top trucks on the market, again for durability, reliability and price range. Like the F-150, the Silverado now comes with a variety of options designed to suit female truck drivers.

A range of trim levels and options are available to make the truck decidedly feminine. These include comfy bucket seats, plush interiors and CD players. The mundane plastic-happy interiors have been upgraded to softer materials that come with a look and feel that is lush and rich. Precise fittings took care of gapping, uneven interior panels, while features that used to be rare in such a truck, such as power accessories and even air conditioning, are now available in the midlevel trims.

The improvements do not detract from the solid stability that helped the Chevy Silverado earn its reputation as a dependable and versatile vehicle. The truck handles well enough to use both on and off-road for a wide range of hauling, towing and transportation purposes.

Best Truck Alternatives for Women

If neither the F-150 nor the Silverado catches a woman’s fancy, there are always truck alternatives that may still work for many of the larger hauling jobs. SUVs typically have a much wider range of styles and options from which to choose, which may make them an even better choice for women. The major drawback is the lack of an open truck bed.

One SUV that fits the female profile is the Toyota Motor RAV4 and is already on the most popular vehicle list for women. It also has the distinction of being manufactured by Toyota, one of the top vehicle brands for females.

The Toyota RAV4 has many features that qualify it as a top choice for women drivers. Compact size is at the top of the list, with the RAV4 as the smallest SUV made by Toyota. Although the RAV4 was one of the earliest crossovers on the market, it did not stagnate like some of its competitors. The RAV4 has continued to improve over the years, resulting in an SUV that has a stellar reputation for being highly reliable.

Other factors that make the RAV4 a good choice for women include a stable performance, fuel efficiency, high quality, and comfort. Edmunds notes the vehicle has a definite lack of macho styling, which is another factor that works well in the female arena. The SUV is less boxy and clunky than some of its manly competitors. Although such a design may mean a decreased performance when it comes to off-road handling, it also translates to a positive point for women who like a sleeker, friendlier look for their large vehicles.