The best place to buy a car stereo is most likely a large retailer like Sears, Best Buy or Computer City. Unless you have an American Express Black Card or want a super pimped out system that costs more than your home then sizable inventory, exceptional warranty protection and customer serviceĀ  will be a top consideration.

Finding places to purchase a car stereo is not very challenging these days. There are thousands of websites dedicated to selling auto accessories, like car stereos. However, finding a place that is reputable and provides you with fair and comparable prices requires some research.

Things to look for include a mixture of brands and price points. Most retailers will have a number of high end models, like the Pioneer AVIC and the Alpine-50W. They should also have less expensive models, like the Kenwood KDC and the Boss Audio.

The Top Car Stereo Retailer

Best Buy is currently the best place to buy a car stereo. They have offices throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, Mexico and China, and employ over 180,000 people. Every store carries a minimum car stereo inventory of at least 75 different models and the Best Buy website has over 150. Almost all the top brands are available..

Best Buy also offers an excellent warranty called the Geek Squad Black Tie Protection plan. They cover your car stereo and components, in addition to the standard manufacturer warranty. This purchase protection promises to keep any electronics working safely where the warranty protects your purchase against power surges and general wear and tear.

If for some reason your car stereo proves to be defective, you will receive a replacement comparable to your original purchase. Best Buy also provides professional installation of your car stereo at very affordable rates.

For those who don’t want to drive (ironic buying a car stero) you can also buy a car stereo online and choose the Best Buy store closest to you for pick up. Within approximately 45 minutes your order is completed and on its way to your chosen location, free of charge. If you need to schedule your professional installation, you can do that online too.

Best Car Stereo Manufacturers

The best car stereo manufacturers are JVC, Alpine, Pioneer and Boss. JVC has a few car stereos under $100 to appeal to the average consumer who wants good quality but can’t afford to spend a lot of money. One of the most popular car stereos under $100 is the KD-R330, which costs only $89.95. It’s completely digital with an easy to read display, and comes with a remote control for added convenience.

A more technologically advanced stereo is the KD-R730BT which comes with PANDORA Internet radio. Blackberry and Android mobile phone users appreciate this feature. In total, this stereo receiver has 31 unique options. The average price for this stereo is $159.95.

Alpine car stereos can get a little pricy, but they have some of the best perks available. On the low end, the CDE-121 costs approximately $109.95. On the expensive side, they have the Alpine-50W with a price of over $1200. What makes Alpine one of the top car stereo manufacturers is they let you customize your own car stereo.

Pioneer also has a multitude of stereos, DVD receivers and CD receivers. They have taken into consideration the importance of mobile devices, and include AppRadio to use specifically in your vehicle. Some of the CD receivers come complete with HD radio and a fully digital LCD display. The basic CD player with MP3 is approximately $79, while the upgraded model, DEH-P7400HD sells for around $199.

Boss is one of the newest companies, but has become a leader in car audio technological advances. They are credited for utilizing USB and iPod connectivity and have some of the most visually stunning touch screen display units for car stereos. They also specialize in designing in-dash audio receivers for customized automobiles and SUVs.

Where do I start?

Buying a car stereo today can be quite a task because there are so many varieties, models and types to choose from. There is an enormous amount of technology involved, so do your research. If you require specific options or just prefer a certain look, you should know which manufacturer specializes in meeting your requirements.

Before you visit your local dealer to purchase your car stereo, make sure you have a list of at least five to 10 different selections. Narrow your choices based on features, function, warranty and price. By taking the time to think your purchase through, you are more likely to be satisfied with your decision.